Blogger Find Romance in Hilarious Video #ConnectingFlights

Sky Fairyland II

It is that time of year when many people travel to see family during the holidays.  Thankfully our family lives nearby so we do not have to travel out-of-state.  But I have traveled by plane on many occasions.  I do try to take flights that are non-stop, but the last several times I have flown […]

Shopping and Saving Money

Shopping and Saving Money This past week we did a lot of school shopping for Megan and had a lot of fun shopping and saving money.  It is a good feeling when you come home with a lot of things but did not spend a whole lot of money.  There are some staple stores that […]

Smart Shop – Use #CouponCodes4U

Having not been in the best of shape financially for quite awhile now, I love saving where ever and when ever I can.  I started clipping coupons and am really trying to learn how to master shopping with coupons to really get the biggest bang for my buck.  I also love looking for deals and […]