Disney Family Movies: Daily Movie Review “My Science Project”

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Disney Family Movies

For the month of October Disney Family Movies is offering one free month when you sign up!  The participating cable providers are Mediacom, Cox and AT & T U-verse. You can read more details here, in my Disney Family Movies special treat for October post.

We’re highlighting one family flick per day that’s currently playing on Disney Family Movies.  Today it’s an action-packed comedy adventure for the whole family, 1985’s My Science Project.

Disney Family Movies

In this underrated Touchstone Pictures flick, a high school student and his teenage crash break into a government aircraft bone yard to salvage materials for his final science project, they accidentally discover a “gizmo,” a portal to another dimension.  It becomes up to the young student to save the whole universe!

Featuring the late, legendary film icon Dennis Hopper (Oscar nominee for Hoosiers, Easy Rider, Apocalypse Now, Speed) as the ex-hippie science teacher, as well as noted character actors Barry Corbin (TV’s Northern Exposure), Fisher Stevens (TV’s Lost) and Richard Masur (TV’s Girls), My Science Project is the perfect flick to gather the family around and laugh, scream and bond in a Disney way—  with a scientific twist!

Disney Family Movies    Disney Family Movies

Grab and popcorn and enjoy My Science Project trailer:

Be sure to watch the Disney Family Movies YouTube channel for videos on how to get One Month Free.

Disney Family Movies

And while on Twitter, follow one of our favorite science personalities:  The original Science Guy— the host of Disney Presents: The Science Guy—  Mr. Bill Nye:   https://twitter.com/TheScienceGuy

Daily Disney Family Movies tip of the director’s cap to www.imdb.com, www.youtube.com and www.wikipedia.com

Disney Family Movies

World-renowned Professor Ludwig Von Drake loves My Science Project.

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