Disney Family Movies: Daily Movie Review “The Fox and The Hound”

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Disney Family Movies

For the month of October Disney Family Movies is offering one free month when you sign up! The participating cable providers are Mediacom, Cox and AT & T U-verse. You can read more details here, in my Disney Family Movies special treat for October post.

We’re highlighting one family flick per day that’s currently playing on Disney Family Movies. Today it’s the story of two unlikely pals, 1981’s animated classic The Fox & the Hound.

Disney Family Movies    Disney Family Movies
Two Disney legends voice improbable best friends in this classic film:  Kurt Russell as the hound Copper, and Mickey Rooney as the fox Tod.

In 1960 Walt Disney himself signed then 10-year-old Kurt Russell to a Disney contract, and for the Studios Russell appeared in some if its most memorable live action fare:  1968’s The One And Only, Genuine, Original Family Band, 1969’s The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes, 1971’s The Barefoot Executive (opposite funnyman John Ritter), and many Disneyland and Wonderful World of Disney television programs.

Mickey Rooney—  who’s been working in Hollywood since the age of since the age of 6—  appeared at the age of 91 in last year’s Walt Disney Pictures’ film The Muppets. He appeared in the 1977 Disney classic Pete’s Dragon.  Speaking of Rooney, Disney and hounds, here’s a caricature of Mickey Rooney, with Donald Duck, from 1939:

Disney Family Movies

The Fox & the Hound, loosely inspired by the novel written by Daniel P. Mannix, tells the tale of Copper the hound dog, who becomes B.F.F.’s with Tod the fox.  However, when the two grow up they are taught to hate each other, as Tod the fox is hunted by a party that includes the rancher Amos Slade (Jack Albertson) and Copper the hound dog.  Copper and Tod go on many an adventure—  including battling a ferocious bear!—  and ultimately their natural friendship triumphs over the hatred that is attempted to breed in them.  A beautiful, thrilling and even funny animated movie, The Fox & the Hound is the perfect Disney classic to gather the family with, and discuss friendship, respect and trust—  the Disney way!

Disney Family Movies    Disney Family Movies
Grab and popcorn and enjoy the original The Fox & the Hound trailer:

Be sure to watch the Disney Family Movies YouTube channel for videos on how to get One Month Free http://bit.ly/DFMYouTube.

Disney Family Movie Trivia:

  • The Fox & the Hound is the animated film that constituted a changing of the guard for Walt Disney Animation, with legendary “Nine Old Men” animators Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnston (the subject of the amazing documentary Frank and Ollie) on their last film, and young turks John Lassetter (currently the chief creative officer of Walt Disney Animation and Pixar), Don Bluth (An American Tail), John Musker & Ron Clements (The Little Mermaid), Glen Keane (Beauty & the Beast) and Brad Bird (Ratatouille) all contributing their young talents

As an added Disney Family Movies bonus, please enjoy the trailer for the sequel, 2006’s The Fox and the Hound II:

Daily Disney Family Movies tip of the director’s cap to www.imdb.com, www.youtube.com and www.wikipedia.com.

Disney Family Movies

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