Chicago Fine Chocolate Show Gold Ticket Giveaway

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Chicago Fine Chocolate Show

Chicago Fine Chocolate Show

I have to confess; I have a huge weakness for chocolate!  I am not a huge snacker at all, but it you put me around chocolate I tend to lose all self-control.  It really is one of my little indulgences, and one that I actually start to crave if I have gone too long without.  There is an event taking place here in Chicago in November that will have every chocolate lover going crazy - Chicago Fine Chocolate Show.  It is a show featuring nothing but chocolate!

Chicago Fine Chocolate Show

Chicago Fine Chocolate Show is taking place on Friday, November 16 through Sunday, November 18, 2012, at Chicago’s Navy Pier.  This event, which is for consumers, is taking place at the same time as the National Chocolate Show for trade.  These are the only dual consumer and trade shows dedicated to the chocolate industry.

Chicago Fine Chocolate Show

Carmel Pecan Cake Truffles

Golden Ticket Giveaway

How would you like to win two free tickets to this event?  It is super easy to enter, all you have to do is enter the Golden Ticket Giveaway on Facebook.  There will be one winner selected every Friday between now and the start of the show on November 16-18.  This will be the first Chicago Fine Chocolate Show whose goal is to become one of the elite culinary events in the country allowing guests to explore artisanal products in the world of chocolate through tastings and educational demonstrations and conferences. To enter the Golden Ticket Giveaway, Facebook fans must visit here to enter.

For non-winners, the tickets are very affordable at $25 for adults and $10 for children, this is where you can enjoy and learn more about the craft of fine chocolate in addition to finding distinct gifts for the upcoming holidays. The Chicago Fine Chocolate Show also provides a retail platform for rising artisan chocolatiers and pastry chefs to gain exposure during the prime holiday gift season.

Entries will be limited to one per day per e-mail address, and the winner will be selected at random. The winner must arrange travel and accommodations.  Tickets will be issued to the winners at the door of the event, and preference of attendance on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday must be coordinated prior to the show.

Is your mouth totally watering for some delicious chocolate yet?  Well then go enter to win your tickets now!

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  1. How did I miss this?? I wish I could have made it or even knew about it. The picture of those truffles are making me more upset. They look so good.

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