Snow Fun!

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We have had a VERY dry and mild winter this year, not that I’m complaining. Usually here in Illinois our winters are very cold with below zero wind chills – so the cold just cuts through you. Also, we usually have quite a bit of snow. The snow I don’t mind so much! However, we have not had much snow at all and our temperature’s have been fairly warm for an Illinois winter.

We were supposed to get a fairly large blizzard Thursday night, it was termed a “Saskatchewan blizzard” apparently since it was coming from that part of Canada…which is unusual. Well, our blizzard flopped. Instead of getting up to 8 inches of snow, we got like 3 inches. Not much. The snow was wet and heavy though which makes for good snowman making!

My mom, who lives very close to us, called to see if she could come over to make a snowman with the kids. She went outside at her place and made one at her home! lol Of course, I was very open to the idea. :) The kids (and mom) had an awesome time making sa snowman. In fact, they had so much fun making the big snowman, Anna and Ethan decided to make a little bitty snowman.

Our oldest daughter came home from school early not feeling well, she has a bad cold and she had a sinus headache. So although she did not build a snowman, she did come outside towards the very end (with the dog) to watch us finish up. We just had to make sure the dog didn’t pee on the snowmen – that would’ve been really bad! We had a very good time out in the snow, but then after awhile the wind got really cold so we all came in for hot chocolate.

It is supposed to warm up here again in the next day so the snowmen will be melting… but I’m sure that when we get another snow storm we will be out there again!

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