Some Family Time

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I LOVE Saturday nights – it is our designated “pizza” night at my sister and brother-in-laws.  Of course, not just any pizza…my brother-in-law makes it from scratch.  He has been making pizza for a few years now so he has really perfected the art of making the dough!  It’s a recipe from Cook’s Illustrated.  Which, if you’ve never looked at their recipe’s – they are wonderful!!!

This past Saturday we were at their house and my son Ethan, who love’s helping out in the kitchen, asked “Uncle John” if he could help.  It was an adorable moment to see Ethan help out and be told how roll out the dough, stretch it and put the cheese on the pizza.  I really appreciate these family moments and am so thankful that we are so close – not only physically but emotionally!

Last Saturday morning we had gone to a talent show that Max’s (my sister’s oldest son) school was putting on.  We were amazed by how much talent these kids had – really cute and imaginative.  There was gymnastics, singing, dancing, skits, there was even a group of boys who did “synchronized” swimming.  The boys who did the synchronized swimming were so good!  While we were at the talent show my youngest nephew (Nate) noted that he has the same shirt at home that Ethan had on.

So when we came over later in the afternoon for pizza, Nate had changed into the same shirt that Ethan had on.  It was funny because my sister said that Nate has gotten a little picky about his clothes and that is a shirt that he does not wear any more, but wanted it on to match Ethan.  Nate also shared his tattoo’s with Anna and Ethan – putting them on their arms and legs.

I actually just found out that we won’t be able to go tomorrow since we are attending a Spaghetti Dinner for the boy scouts – my husbands friends son’s troop.  :(  We are all a little sad not to have Uncle John’s pizza and spend time with them, but we will have fun as a family at the dinner nonetheless.  ♥

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