Kids Cooking Classes May Be Just What My Daughter Needs

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My daughters are junk foodaholics, especially Megan.  Her greatest desire in life is get something that makes junk food.  She would love to get a snow cone machine, cotton candy machine, brownie maker, cake maker, etc.  Of course we do not get her these items she longs for, mainly because they are not healthy, plust I do not think they are always that good.  She is at an age now where she can start helping out in the kitchen so we would prefer she bake or cook with us and learn how make the real stuff!

Kids cooking

Kids Cooking Classes

I think it would be really fun to get her into one of the various kids cooking classes that are offered.  I think that would be a lot of fun for her.  Plus, I would love for her to have some cooking skills.  Knowing how to cook is always a great quality to possess.  Plus I believe if you know how to cook you tend to eat much healthier. Megan is already very aware of healthy foods and junk foods and is actually fairly good at policing herself.

I grew up on a lot of fast food.  My parents divorced when I was young and my mom worked a lot to make enough money to raise my sister and I.  So, although I admire her for doing what she needed to do to survive, I did not gain any cooking skills growing up.   Even when I got a little older, after moved in with my grandparents, I still did not gain any skills.  My grandmother did all the cooking, and honestly she was not that good of a cook.  She was always nervous about meat not being thoroughly cooked so she would cook meat until it was a hard rock!  God rest her soul, I think my grandfather had a stomach made out of steal though!

Mother Daughter Cooking Classes

As an adult, I have definitely improved in cooking since getting married and having children, but I have never been a “throw it together” type of person. It would even be a lot of fun to take one of the mother daughter cooking classes offered locally.  It would improve my skills in the kitchen, give my daughter a chance to start learning her way around the kitchen, and give us some time together.  She is growing up so fast, I hate to miss opportunities to spend time with her while she is young.

Have you ever had your child take a cooking class, or have you ever taken one?

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  1. We have a great store here called Charleston Cooks that offers classes – I’ve taken some by myself and my daughter and I have gone to one together too! They’re great fun!
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  2. LOL – Megan and I are on the same page!
    Libby’s Library recently posted..Greased Lightning is offering a BOGO coupon at Family Dollar and Dollar GeneralMy Profile

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