My Top Five Least Favorite Household Chores

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Cleaning Toilet

It occurred to me today that there are just some things that I have to do around the house which I truly do not like doing. It all needs to get done, and does get done; however, there are definitely some that I procrastinate way too long on getting done. I do not know why I just don’t get it over with, I seem to be ever more contemptuous about it when I finally do get around to doing it.   In fact, I think I might actually “hate” some of these chores.  Okay, there I said it – hate.  It is such a strong word, and one that is rarely in my vocabulary!

Least Favorite Household Chores

Here is my list of least favorite household chores:

Taking out the garbage:  This is my number one least favorite chore.  Now of course my husband would do this if he were ever home, but I swear every Monday he either gets called in to work at his full-time job or is on shift at the fire department so I always get stuck with it!

Cleaning the toilets:  No explanation needed, right?  lol

Emptying the dishwasher: I’m really not sure why I don’t like this one so much, but I noticed it is one of those daily tasks I always put off!  Like they are just going to put themselves away or something if I avoid it long enough!  I really need to just Eat the Frog on this one, get it over with first thing.

Washing the floors: We really don’t have that much flooring, so since it is so minimal I do hand wash the floors.  Which is also the reason why I don’t like doing it!

Washing the bedding:  One of those things that has to be done.  It is really putting the bed back together that I am not so hip on!

I love to hear from you!  What are some of the chores you have to do that just dread doing?

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  1. I hate to match socks if they’re not already together in a laundry load. I have a little decorative basket full of socks that need to be matched…always.

  2. I am not big on cleaning the tubs, ironing, tying up the papers for recycle and cleaning the oven. Otherwise I really don’t mind cleaning the toilets OR washing the floors. Laundry is therapeutic to me, as is de-cluttering. Hubby takes out the garbage and the recycling. I love emptying the dishwasher because it all comes out perfect now. Just got a new dishwasher and I am in dishwasher-heaven.

  3. I hate cleaning period. When my daughter leaves for school in a few short weeks I will be back doing everything myself – garbage, recycling, litterbox cleaning, etc

    Yeah not my favorite things …….. I need a live in maid (maybe when I hit the lottery) Yeah right I know dream on …. well we all have to dream of something right?
    Kat Meller recently posted..Tupperware and the College DormMy Profile

  4. Mine is the mail. I know it sounds trivial but for some reason it just piles up and ends up taking a ridiculous amount of time to go through. Junk mail is alot easier to get rid of in email form.

  5. Your Share bar on the left of the page stays maximized and so, I can only read about an inch worth of text at a time, because it cuts off several words at the start of each line unless I am looking at the very top of the page. You might want to fix that.

    • Hi J,

      Thank you for informing of that! It is showing on my website that is okay. I am just curious, if you click on the green share tab on that share bar does that minimize it all? Have a great day!

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