Get the Yuck Out of Your Water With ZeroWater (Giveaway)

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A couple years ago we purchased my “dream” refrigerator!  The biggest wow with it is the fact that it has an ice and water dispenser, something I’ve always wanted on a refrigerator and never had.  We do have a filtration system on it, but I often can’t keep up with replacing the filters before they are considered not good any more.  I was very excited about getting the opportunity to review the ZeroWater pitcher.

I truly want the best for me and my family, especially the things that go into our bodies.  I was really interested in not only getting a water pitcher with an advanced water filtration system that removes that just about all…if not all of the disolved solids from our water.  The ZeroWater pitcher comes with a TDS Meter, which measures the total disolved solids.  Seriously you could have fun with this – measuring your tap water, your refrigerator water if you have a dispenser and even bottled water that you have.

So I took some measurements of my water, specifically my tap water, my refrigerator dispenser water and the ZeroWater pitcher water.  My tap water measured at 156.  According to the ZeroWater literature that is were most water in the USA falls into.  My refrigerator dispenser water measured 133.  Again, that falls into the same category as the tap water.  My filter for the refrigerator is way overdue to be changed, so once I get a new filter for that I will be very interested in seeing how that filtered water measures.  My husband has always told me that he thought the filter lasted longer then they said since he doesn’t think we go through as many gallons as they say.  Apparently it’s not helping at all!  Now for the water that was filtered through the ZeroWater filtration system, it measured 000.


I have been living in Illinois my whole live…almost, so I am pretty well acclimated here.  In fact, until I got this pitcher and compared the different smells of the water side-by-side, I didn’t even notice just how much our tap water does smell of chlorine.  I don’t even use chlorine to clean my house because of the nature of the product.  Here are some total dissolved solids that may be found in your water but will not be found in the ZeroWater pitcher:  Salt, Metals, Road Salts, Old Piping, and Leaves.

We are all loving our new water pitcher and the fact that the water is not only without these TDS’s, but also tastes great!  It also fits very nicely in our refrigerator and has a nice little push button for the water so the kids can help themselves.  Although The button is a little too hard for our 4 year old twins to push, but that is probably a good thing!

So I have some exciting news to share with you, first of all anyone who would like to own one of these awesome water pitchers can purchase them by going to their website, selecting one and then using this code:  MC30.  This code will get you 30% off – that is a awesome savings.  Or, if you can wait just a little while, you can enter to win one of 2 of these ZeroWater pitchers!  For those of you who can’t wait and purchase the pitcher right away, be sure to become a fan of  ZeroWater on Facebook.  That way you’ll be in the know on any news, updates or deals they are announcing.

For those of you who want to join the giveaway, let me throw a couple things at you.  First of all this giveaway is only open to U.S entrants and you must be at least 18 to enter.  This giveaway will end at 11:59 pm CST on Sunday, April 29th.  Please make sure you check your email on Monday, April 30th since I will need to get you shipping information and submit it no later than the 30th.

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I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of ZeroWater and received a water pitcher to facilitate my review, two pitchers to giveaway, and extra filters to thank me for taking the time to participate. 

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  1.   my TDS reading is 134   thanks!

  2. Renee B. says:

    The reading here is 213

  3. Alclossey says:

    My reading is 198.

  4. Kathlyne Brown says:

    The reading for my area is 183.

  5. Jeana O'donnell-Murphy says:


  6. Reading was 496

  7. I am already a SUPERPOINTS member under Stephanie Huff

  8. Samantha Eldridge says:


  9. Amanda Lyn says:


  10. it’s not listed for my area

  11. 231

  12. Wendy Rozema says:

    mine is 273!

  13. Stacey B says:

    our TDS is 146

  14. My number is 256 in this area.

  15. my number is 092

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