Pantry Door Alternatives

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Our bi-fold pantry door bit the dust.  I believe it is opened and closed too excessively with 3 children.  The pantry is also the place where the garbage can is stored.  We had move the garbage can in there when the twins first started to crawl since it had become a point of interest to them.  Since that time we’ve left it in there since we do have a small kitchen/dining room – we really don’t need one more thing to take up any of the little space we do have.

I have been thinking that instead of repairing the bi-fold door mechanism that maybe we should look into pantry door alternatives.  There are a lot of modern ways to do doors now that could be rather inexpensive.  Here are some alternatives I have found overall.  But I think we may do solid french doors that will go from top to bottom.  I fairly certain that we can even make those ourselves!

Doorless, but with cabinets along the bottom.

French doors with the opaque glass.

Cute door that is painted a fun color with a chalkboard on the inside.

Shutters that are painted to look rather washed out…love the look of this, but I think your home decor really needs to fit with it.

Cute idea – it looks almost like a screen door!  Has a bit of a country look to it.

A solid door.

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  1. I really like the door with chalkboard, so you can jot down items you’ll need to restock your pantry. 

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  3. 1st and 2nd pic looks great. Your spread some good thoughts for pantry door. Thanks for spreading some awesome pic. I like it.

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