Laryngitis with Kids is Not for the Weak of Heart

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coping with laryngitis

My yearly stint of laryngitis started to return Monday night with a vengeance. It began with a cold Friday night and, sure enough, progressed to no voice. Trying to tell three children not to argue, or be so demanding when you have no voice is inconsequential to them! So here we are, me with no voice and a husband with one good arm. He is my voice, I am his arms. Nice, right?

Coping with Laryngitis

Last night (Tuesday) my husband had left for school leaving me all alone with the kids. I have to tell you my coping with laryngitis kicked in when I started to speak to them in a whisper. The nice thing is that they started whispering too! Then they asked, “Why are we whispering?” To which I whispered, “Because it takes too much energy to talk any louder”. We actually had a very relaxing dinner with everyone whispering! The whispering did not last much longer than dinner though.

Today I woke to a much better voice, but of course, after a day with the kids it ended with my voice being non-existent again! This will most like be a pattern for at least the next few days!

Symptoms of laryngitis are a hoarse or raspy voice, or no voice at all. It is an inflammation of the larynx and is usually caused by an upper respiratory infection. Swelling around the vocal cords prevents them from vibrating properly. Other symptoms that may accompany laryngitis are a sore throat, fever, runny nose, fatigue, achiness, wheezing, cough, and difficulty swallowing.

Treatment for Laryngitis

I am happy to say that my symptoms only include the sore throat, runny nose and cough. For me, it definitely sounds worse than it feels. Treatment for laryngitis involves resting your voice, which in a house with kids is easier said than done, also sleep, plenty of water, honey, and healthy food.

My laryngitis typically only lasts a few days, so hopefully I will be on the upswing tomorrow! :) That is right within the normal range of how long it lasts which is up to two weeks. Ugh, I can’t imagine having this for that long, hopefully this will not be a time I get to know how that feels.

Have you ever had laryngitis? What did you find to be your best remedy?

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