Never Forget 911 #WeWillNeverForget

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NYFD - 9/11


Never Forget 911

I know it is the end of the day now on September 11, 2012, but all day September 11, 2001 has weighted heavily on my mind.  I know I will never forget 911 – I remember that day so vividly – like it just happened.  I was driving to work, I was working with a temporary staffing agency and had been offered a temporary position with the the FDA.  I was listening to WGN on the way to work – a radio station that my husband (Rob), who at the time was my boyfriend, was a station for old people.  Eleven years later…he listens to it all the time!  Anyway, I distinctly remember driving past the cemetery that I always drove past and remember Spike O’Dell announcing that a plan had hit one of the twin towers.  It was automatically assumed that somehow the plane had gone off course – a horrible, horrible accident.

I then got into work and everyone was a buzz with what had occurred.  Then the second plane hit.  At that point they knew this was not some sort of freak accident.  Because of the high security alert, the FDA office closed down and we were sent home.  I called Rob on my way home, back then he was working night shift at a hospital so had been sleeping and had no idea what had transpired.  I told him to wake up and turn on the TV I was on my way home.

When I got home and watched the events that unfolded it just didn’t seem real…it wasn’t possible that this could really happen right?  The people, I remember seeing those people leaping out of the windows falling to their death.  Those images will never go away.  The towers then just disintegrated before our very eyes.  All those people.  All those who were looking for their loved ones, and all the people walking around covered in ashes and soot.

I had to take my daughter Megan to an appointment today and she said that she knew why all the flags were out today.  That 11 years ago two plans crashed into the the Twin Towers killing a lot of people.  I was actually glad to hear her school had talked about it.  She had so many questions though, and it was so hard trying to explain why these people would have driven the planes into the Towers.

My husband who also worked as a volunteer Firefighter and is now a part-time Firefighter/Paramedic told me today that many of the Firemen who were involved in saving people and the clean up have died of cancer.  There have been over 50 forms of cancer they have died from, all having todo with that day.  The horror from that day still continues to kill people today.

I have so much honor for all the people who risked their lives and lost their lives that day trying to save other people.  I also have so much sadness still from all the families who were effected by what happened that day.  Thank you for all those who risk everything for us.

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