Online Fortune Tellers

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Crystal Ball by destinysolo

Have you ever had your fortune told? I did many years ago by a fortune teller a friend had arranged to come over to her house. There were several of us who had our fortune told by this woman. It was so long ago. I do not even remember what she told me! I had written it down on a piece of paper, but have no idea what even happened to that paper. There has been at least one move, a marriage, and three children since having that done.

Online Fortune Tellers

When I had my fortune told at that time with my friends, the fortune tellers came to my friends house to tell a group of us our individual fortunes. Online fortune tellers were not available back then, although the Internet was alive and well, it did not have the capabilities and was not being used as it is today. I always had a good time with my friends when we got together as a group to have out fortune’s told. I do not know how much I believe in it. From what I recall, the couple times I did have it done, I do not remember too much accuracy. I think there may be clairvoyants who exist, but I do not believe the women I saw were very authentic.

Would you like to take advantage of a free psychic chat? is an online spiritual site, which is actually the leading source for information such as, celebrity psychics, angels, horoscopes, dream interpretation, spirituality, and more.

A couple of other things they offer are dream interpretation and tarot reading. Either one of those would be very interesting to me. I have had some crazy dreams at times throughout my life and would love to hear someone’s take on them. I have never had Tarot cards read, but I think that would be very interesting! I have always seen people have the fortune told with Tarot cards on television, and there is usually a lot of drama involved in that. I do not think I would have quite as much drama, but it would be fun to find out!

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  1. I had my palm read once at a work holiday party. And it could be that the details she gave me were just vague enough that they would have come true, but they DID! I don’t know about online fortune telling, though, but I imagine it would be a fun experiment!
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  2. I’m not sure if I would try an online psychic but I have been to a psychic in the past. Most of what she said did not come true, but I do enjoy the fun of having my cards read or fortune told. My aunt swears by it and insists on seeing a psychic several times a year. I will have to tell her about online psychics.
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