Imaginative Play

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My sister and brother-in-law have always been extremely good with choosing toys for their 3 boys that would encourage creative play.  They’ve always limited TV severely, have no electronic toys and when they are on the computer set a timer.  I should say they did not have any electronic toys up until this past Christmas…they did get their kids the WII.  Again, though very limited.

I think it’s because of this that makes their children so imaginative.  They also all LOVE to read!  In fact their are many nights they will go in and check on the oldest and find him asleep with a flashlight under his blanket!  I really admire how committed they are at sticking by their beliefs and not wavering from them since we all know how much easier it would be to cave.

So yesterday, Saturday, we were over at their house for our weekly pizza night.  It is so fun getting the kids together and watching their imaginative play.  It’s been unseasonable warm in Illinois the last couple weeks so the kids have been taking advantage of the weather and playing outdoors a lot.  My oldest Megan is the same age as her cousin Luke – and they are inseparable when we are all together.  They came up with this awesome idea to build a fort off the deck, and pulled out all these tube toys my sister and brother-in-law had gotten them.  Next thing you know they are building these things around themselves like little cages.

These images are of Megan (my oldest) and 2 of my nephews – the middle one Luke and the youngest Nate.  They are posing in their gear in the first picture and in the second one they are using them as lasso’s.  There was a huge bin filled with all these tubes and connectors – apparently it is not made any more, but I love the type of creativity that came out of the kids with these toys.

I know with working from home I am not as consistent as I should be with limiting the TV as much as I should.  I am guilty, probably more then I should be of turning on the TV to entertain the kids while I try to get some work done – but wow, the things they do when they are forced to amuse themselves on their own.  I have renewed my commitment to shutting off the TV and forcing my children to use their imagination.

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