Polly Pocket Playtime Pet Shop Play Set

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Polly Pocket Playtime Pet Shop Play Set

My kids are huge fans of Polly Pocket so were super excited when we received the second phase of your Polly Pocket set to review, this time it was the Polly Pocket Playtime Pet Shop Play Set.  Imagine their delight at seeing it was a Pet Shop!  They are also huge animal lovers and really enjoy playing with anything that involves them – real or toy.

Polly Pet Shop

This playset has adorable features that the kids love playing with, such as a pet carrier, little treat dispensers, a pet washing station, food bowls, toys and leashes.  I love the imaginative play that can be done with these toys.  The Polly Pocket play sets hold a lot of interest for children of all ages, and at least in my house all genders!  Megan is 9 and then I have 4, almost 5 year old, boy/girl twins.  I’m sure Ethan is somewhat influenced by the fact he has two sisters, but he is just as excited to play with these sets as the girls.  There have been plenty of times that he will just sit by himself and play with this Pet Shop.  It is so fun listening to him be different characters and animals.

Polly Pocket Pet Shop

This set is really nice in the fact that it is not only portable, but can also be made a little more compact.  This is great for those of us who live in smaller houses.  Sometimes you feel your whole house is a big play area, which is not how I always want the home to appear.  I like to be able to have things picked up and put away and appear tidy.

Polly Pocket Pet Shop

In the recent past I had the chance to review the Hangout House Playset and the Polly Pocket Play Room Assortment, these were considered a Stick ‘n Play set since the dolls and accessories all have suction cups on them.  I have to admit they have all enjoyed playing with this set without the suction cups more.  I do not think the suction cups bother them, I believe they just prefer this set.  I know they love the animals, but I also think there is a bit more to this set.

Polly Pocket Friends Finish First DVD

Along with this set, we did receive a Polly Pocket “Friends Finish First” DVD.  This DVD is only 22 minutes long and really does deliver a nice message.  All three of my children loved this DVD…and they still continue to watch it!  All three of them sit on the couch and are glued to watching Polly Pocket and all of her friends come to life.  The gist of the movie is that Polly and her friends are in a skating contest and Polly learns how it’s more important to have fun with her friends than to win and beat her friends.

Overall, would I recommend this set?  Yes!  My kids love it and I feel it is a very cute set.  It is extremely age appropriate, entertaining and engaging!

Polly Pocket Pet Shop

Disclaimer: I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Mattel Polly Pocket. I received a product samples and a promotional item as a thank-you for participating.

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