The Instant Trainer Leash – Review

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Our dog Rusty, who we got from a rescue at the end of December, has been in behavioral modification/obedience training since the middle of January.  He is a great dog, but did come with some baggage!

Rusty is a 40 pound Australian Shepherd, he is quite strong and has very strong legs.  Our 8 year old likes to take him for walks, although I’ve noticed he’s the one taking her for a walk.  Given that, I’m not comfortable with Megan taking him for a walk.  Although he is very good and even does well off-leash I don’t feel he has enough training under his belt to obey if something really sets him off.  We have noticed he does have a strong urge to run after squirrels.

I was approached to try out The Instant Trainer™ Leash, which uses gentle but firm resistance to discourage dogs, small and large, from pulling.  It attaches to any collar which gives the owner complete control over the dog.  it does come in two sizes – one for under 30 lbs and one for over 30 lbs.

Initially when I put the Instant Trainer™ Leash on Rusty he did have on a Martingale color – I did not think the leash worked will with that color since it kept giving too much slack when he would slow down.  When I switched him in to his regular collar I felt I did get a better fit.  The leash itself loops around the hips and under the abdomen – so it is more on the backend of the dog.

I was a litte confused at first about the placement of the leash, but once I read the instructions more closely it made sense.  :)  So the problem was me, not the leash or the instructions.  Once I got everything situated correctly, it actually worked quite well!  You do have to keep the leash rather taunt or else it will create too much slack allowing the leash to slide on to the side.

I honestly feel that this leash will allow my daughter to have better control while walking him, but I still don’t feel comfortable going on her own.  I just think in general she will be walking him rather then the other way around.  But he is strong so if he really wanted to chase after something he could just pull her down!

The instructions do note that the leash being around the midsection of your dog may feel a bit strange at first, but Rusty adjusted just fine to the location of the leash, it did not seem to bother him the least.

I will be definitely experimenting with this leash a lot more with my oldest daughter.  I think overall this leash will be great for her gaining more control of Rusty while we are out for our walks.

Buy It:  This leash normally retails for $19.99, but you can currently purchase it on-line for only $10 plus $7.95 for shipping & handling and get another leash for free, plus get 2 sticky rollers for free as well.  That is a $25.90 value!

Disclaimer: The product/s mentioned above have been provided free for the purposes of this review. No other form of compensation was received. Opinions expressed belong to A Mom Having Fun and are NOT influenced in any way. Please view my full disclosure.

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  1. justin castillo says:

    Sweet and clever.

  2. They make it impossible to order less than 2 leashes – what if you have 1 dog? They tack on a ridiculous S&H fee ($15.90) for $10 of product. They are unresponsive to emails, do not answer their phone, and I could not cancel the order. I bought them via Paypal so at least they can’t touch my money. Oh, I even tried to contact the email address they list in Paypal but even THAT one came back with an automated response, that they no longer use that address. I’m now stuck with them; I’m paying for that momentary weakness. Do they work? Yes, but before I got them I took a regular leash, added a carabiner, and a couple of tie-wraps and made my own; it worked fine.

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