Back to School Shopping Ideas

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Back to School Shopping Ideas

The mad dash is on for last minute back to school supplies – it is now the eleventh hour! I just took Megan today to get a couple of school outfits, and there is still one more store we will visit.  Since we are still in back to school mode, I wanted to share some cool back to school shopping ideas that I have come across.

Back to school

Take Inventory of What You Have

Since we just went cloths I will share that first.  Megan is in an in between size right now so depending on the brand it is either too tight in the legs and hips but too big in the waist.  We have a lot of 7/8 clothes, which is the size she is still in but many of the 7/8′s she has are too small.  The size 9/10 is still way too big on her.  If you have a child in this predicament I would suggest going through all the 7/8 shorts and pants you have with a fine tooth comb and separating out those which do not fit from the ones that do.

Shop Deals Online

More and more online stores are offering great deals on school supplies, and many of them have free shipping.  If you happen to have an older child who is heading off to college, you may be in the market for a laptop or a USB memory stick, here is a Lenovo coupon code which may be a significant savings for you.  I also came across some Dell deals as well!  Shopping online is a great way to shop for school supplies when you find the right deals, plus it is so convenient to shop from home!

Buy in Bulk

If you have a membership at a warehouse store like Costco or Sam’s Club, having the ability to buy in bulk can save a large amount of money.  That is how we shop for many of the items we put in Megan’s lunch bag.  I purchase the large package of milk cartons for her lunch as well as containers of applesauce and yogurt.  Since she has many of these items on a daily basis, it is really nice to not have to run to the store every several days because she is running out.

Shop End-of-Season

Actually waiting to get Megan some back to school clothes worked out to our advantage.  Currently all the stores are having their clearance sales on all summer clothes.  We saved a huge amount of money on items that were already marked down and then were on clearance for another 70% – 80% off.  I know people who purchase their fall and winter clothes at the end of the season for the following year.  If you have young children this may be a little challenging since it is often difficult to predict how much they will grow in one year.  Usually buying one size larger will do the trick, however kids grow at all different rates!

If you are doing some last minute shopping done for school as I am, being thisclose to school starting will not prevent you from saving on your school item needs.

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