Deals For Moms, Babies and Kids At Zulily

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Deals For Moms, Babies and Kids

What is Zulily?  It is a great store that offers daily deals for moms, babies and kids. Members enjoy savings of up to 90% off retail prices.  When you go to their website, you automatically register by entering in your email address and creating a password.  Then you are asked for your first and last name.  After that, you are ready to start shopping!

Deals For Moms, Babies and Kids

There are several different ways to shop on Zulily.  You can shop by best selling, last day, category or age group.  You can even shop by brand!  The inventory is limited and deals are only offered for a short period of time.  If you really like something, it is best to not wait.

Great Daily Deals

Zulily has many great daily deals they offer on so much more then just apparel for moms and kids.  Actually, I just bought a MomPlanner Calendar for next year.  I have been using a spiral bound mom planner for the past year and love it.  It has spaces in it for mom, dad, and all three kids.  As much as I love calendaring electronically, I also the full view I get from a planner.  They have a great sale on them at Zulily for $11.00 off, and then others for $25.00 off!

Some other totally cool things they have today, are Ready-to-Plant Bulbs, Kitchen Organization Collection (which has so many great things), ReUsies, Inspire Your Walls, and much more!  It is so easy to get carried away on this site!  This is also a great place to keep an eye out for potential holiday gifts.  In the Inspire Your Walls section there is a Black Stash the Moustache wall decal that is now sold out.  I would have totally bought that though!  My husband grew a moustache about a 1 1/2 ago – and now it seems there are so many moustache things out!

Have you ever shopped Zulily?  If so, what great finds have you gotten from there?

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