Heat Exhaustion – Overcoming it on the Fourth of July

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I think I can say that yesterday, 4th of July, was one of the most heat intense days I’ve experienced.  It was 106 degrees here in Illinois, which I guess is okay if you are in air conditioning or at a pool.  But not when you are walking in a parade! Heat exhaustion is very easy to get in temperatures that are that high.

The swim team Megan is on is in the local 4th of July parade each year.  The kids have a blast decorating the float and riding on it.  They sing their cheer songs along the way and are really enthusiastic.  But yesterday it was HOT, blazing hot.  I sweated, as did everyone else, where no one should ever sweat from – I was just a puddle.  My feet felt like they were on fire because of the hot street and by the end of the parade I was pretty nauseous. I was drinking tons of water too.  I was just done.

Heat exhaustion in children can be very serious as well, so we filled them with Icee’s before the parade to cool off.  Then while they were on the float, all of them had water bottles and we had a huge cooler filled with ice and water for the kids to refill their water bottles.

Swim Team Float

When the parade was over my husband, who was watching the parade, picked us up at the end of the parade route to take us home.  By the end of the parade, I actually felt very nauseous - which is a sign of heat exhaustion. I had kept hydrated too, but with the temperatures so high apparently I couldn’t keep up with the amount of fluid I needed to take in.

Some other signs of heat exhaustion are:

  • profuse sweating (me)
  • vomiting
  • weakness
  • headache
  • lightheadedness
  • muscle cramps

I was surprised at how intensely red my was when we got home!  Some air conditioning and lots more water refreshed us enough to put on our swim suites and hang out at the pool for a couple hours before going to my moms for BBQ and fireworks.  The pool felt absolutely fabulous!

After the pool we went to my moms house, ate some BBQ food she had gotten for all of us and then watched our local fireworks display.  Her condo is right on a golf course which is right next to where the fireworks display is every year!  It works out perfectly since then we can sit on the lawn right at her condo and have an amazing view of the fireworks and not have to fight a crowd or parking.

I am actually finishing up on this post a little while after I started it, so I did want to share with you that our temperatures FINALLY broke Saturday night!  Yay!!  It feels so good to have the air conditioning off and the windows open.  I love having the fresh air flow through our house.  :-)

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  1. Samantha says:

    I’m glad y’all had a great time.

    I live in Willowbrook and have lived around here all my life and I can’t remember a summer ever being as bad as this one.
    I very much am hoping that the temps like last week don’t come back.

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