5 Apps To Help You Focus And Be Productive

You may, or may not know that I was diagnosed with Adult ADHD several months back. This is not something that just started, but a struggle I have had my whole life. However, the diagnosis was just made this year. Even if you do not have ADHD, there are times that it can be very difficult to stay on task.

apps to help you focus and be productive

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For me though, these hard to focus days are every day…all day long. So I need a little more help when it comes to being productive. In my quest to help me avoid distractions, I have found some apps to help you focus and be productive.

5 Apps To Help You Focus And Be Productive

Chrome Extensions

1. Since I own a blog and work with social media, I am on-line a fair amount of the day. That being said, there are days (too many to number) that I am on way longer than necessary. Those days are usually filled with Internet distractions, such as Facebook, random Google searches, Pinterest, etc. There is a neat little Chrome extension I have come to love called Simple Blocker. You set the Internet pages you want it to block and the duration of the block. The key is that you actually have to turn it on in order for it to work. 🙂

2. Another Chrome extension I like is called Strict Workflow. This one works a lot like Simple Blocker, except you also build in your own breaks.

3. I cannot say enough good things about Evernote. If you want more control without needing the Internet at all, this is the application you will want to use. I have had Evernote for a long time, but really never knew how to use it until we went on vacation this summer. Since we were driving down to Florida, I saved all of my blog post information on Evernote. This included email containing pertinent details, as well as online research I had done for the post. It turns out 95% of our drive was without network connection, so having all of this information saved in an offline format was amazing. The other amazing thing that occurred, I got all of my work done in a fraction of the time than I did when I was at home. Not having network connection proved very valuable to me on the ride down to Florida for the sake of productivity as well!

apps to help you focus and be productive

Android Apps

4. One of the things I have a hard time keeping up with are household chores. There are actually a lot of apps to help keep you on task with your daily chores, but one that I really fell in love with is by Motivated Moms. Many of the chores they include in this app are already pre-loaded. You do have the option to hide tasks, and add others on though. Motivated Moms does come with a price tag though. To start off, you can download the free version to test it out. Then if you like it, you can then move to the full version for only $3.99. I will warn you that there are many daily tasks and “today” tasks that come pre-loaded. The goal of Motivated Moms is to keep you on task all year long so avoid the big “Spring Cleaning”. I have all the pre-loaded tasks on, except for those that do not relate to me at all. I do what I can each day, and actually feel good about getting some of them checked off my list! There is an iOS version available too!

apps to help you focus and be productive

5. Another great tool I have come to appreciate is Activity Timer. I use this tool more for different things that I want to do, but do not want them to eat up my time. For instance, you want to check email, go on Facebook, or clean up space in your house? Set a timer on this app! Some tasks can be very daunting with some of the organizational things that needs to be done at home. Setting a timer for 15 minutes is perfect for making a lot of headway on a task without felling overwhelmed. Of course, you can set the time for more or less than 15 minutes if you so choose! I have just found this to work for me. Also, you can have many timers for many tasks. There is also an activity timer available for iOS. It does look a little different, but the same general philosophy.


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