7 Tips to Maintaining a Blogging Schedule Throughout the Summer

7 Tips to Maintaining a Blogging Schedule

I admit it doesn’t take much for me to get thrown off any schedule. I don’t transition very well, so going from the school year to the summer is huge for me! To help keep myself on track, I’ve come up with these 7 tips to maintaining a blogging schedule.

7 tips to maintaining a blogging schedule throughout summer.

Tips for Summer Blogging

  1. Get Up Early and/or take advantage of naptime: Getting a jump start on your day before the kids wake up, even if only 30-minutes, does help. However, it never seems to fail, when you get up early…the kids will all of a sudden get up earlier too! Don’t give up though, it will help!
  2. Plan Research Days: I am trying a new experiment these days. Since we enjoy going to the pool and hanging out, I’m trying to spread my work out. Doing everything in one day for a post is extremely time-consuming. Now I’m trying to plan Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday as my topic, research, SEO, and photo day.
  3. Plan Writing Days: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday are writing days for me. If I can get really on the ball, I would love to have some posts written in advance.
  4. Use Trello: Trello helps with content management. I can keep track of my focus categories, and the order in which I need to write on a particular subject. I then move my post throughout different columns: topic, SEO Title, Draft Started, and Published.
  5. Use CoScheduleSome people use CoSchedule for their content management as well, but I like to use it for my social media management. There are several levels of membership. I use the Solo Marketer, which now includes ReQueue. This helps tremendously with continued marketing of my old content.
  6. Cut Down on your posting schedule: If you normally post 5 days a week, cut down to 3. If you post 3 days a week, cut it back to 2 or 1. Allow yourself to enjoy the summer with your family guilt free.
  7. Repurpose Old Content: This can be a great time saver. There are several things to do with old content, such as: turn an old blog post into an email, update an old post and re-market it, break up an old long post into 2 or 3 new posts.

I’d love to hear how you maintain your summer blogging schedule.


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  1. Thank you! I have seriously allowed my blogging to slack this summer and plan to incorporate a few of these helpful suggestions to get back on track. I think planned writing days would be especially beneficial for me.

  2. I don’t have a schedule right now so I really needed these tips. Thanks so much. Hopefully I can get back on track.

  3. Great tips about creating a schedule. I’ll share with my friend who is a blogger, she struggles to make it all work since she has three kids and another part time job. This is very helpful.

  4. These are great ideas. With the kids home all day, things tend to slide during the summer.

  5. These are some great tips! It’s hard to get things done & be productive with everyone’s schedule being so different and the kids at home!

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