7 Tips to Maintaining a Blogging Schedule Throughout the Summer

7 Tips to Maintaining a Blogging Schedule

I admit it doesn’t take much for me to get thrown off any schedule. I don’t transition very well, so going from the school year to the summer is huge for me! To help keep myself on track, I’ve come up with these 7 tips to maintaining a blogging schedule.

7 tips to maintaining a blogging schedule throughout summer.

Tips for Summer Blogging

  1. Get Up Early and/or take advantage of naptime: Getting a jump start on your day before the kids wake up, even if only 30-minutes, does help. However, it never seems to fail, when you get up early…the kids will all of a sudden get up earlier too! Don’t give up though, it will help!
  2. Plan Research Days: I am trying a new experiment these days. Since we enjoy going to the pool and hanging out, I’m trying to spread my work out. Doing everything in one day for a post is extremely time-consuming. Now I’m trying to plan Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday as my topic, research, SEO, and photo day.
  3. Plan Writing Days: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday are writing days for me. If I can get really on the ball, I would love to have some posts written in advance.
  4. Use Trello: Trello helps with content management. I can keep track of my focus categories, and the order in which I need to write on a particular subject. I then move my post throughout different columns: topic, SEO Title, Draft Started, and Published.
  5. Use CoScheduleSome people use CoSchedule for their content management as well, but I like to use it for my social media management. There are several levels of membership. I use the Solo Marketer, which now includes ReQueue. This helps tremendously with continued marketing of my old content.
  6. Cut Down on your posting schedule: If you normally post 5 days a week, cut down to 3. If you post 3 days a week, cut it back to 2 or 1. Allow yourself to enjoy the summer with your family guilt free.
  7. Repurpose Old Content: This can be a great time saver. There are several things to do with old content, such as: turn an old blog post into an email, update an old post and re-market it, break up an old long post into 2 or 3 new posts.

I’d love to hear how you maintain your summer blogging schedule.


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