A Letter To My Teen How She Inspire’s Me

I started my family late in life. It wasn’t necessarily planned that way, it just took me that long to meet the man who would become my husband and father of my children. Grant it, we didn’t wait long to start a family. Nine months after our wedding night we had our first child, our daughter Megan.

A letter to my teen

Megan is now 13 years old and in 8th grade. She will be in high school next year, and most likely heading off to college afterward. She has already faced so many obstacles, but one’s she has conquered with such strength and grace. I am so proud and inspired by her each and every day.

Because of the Yoplait® Go Big™ Yogurt contest over on Facebook, I was encouraged to write a letter to her to share how she inspires me every day.

A Letter To My Teen

A letter to my teen.

Dearest Megan,

Since I got married to your dad at an older age, I wasn’t sure if having children was even in the realm of possibilities for me. However, we were quickly blessed with the knowledge I was going to be a mom. Since that day, you have delighted, inspired, and challenged me.

From an early age you’ve been what we would call an “old soul”. Always a little further ahead than your age, walking at the tender age of 9 months, speaking full sentences way before most kids your age, and taking on the worries of the world.

You’ve challenged me to be a good role model, to show patience, and to face difficulties head-on. 

At such a young age you were faced with struggles of panic attacks, generalized anxiety, depression, and the symptoms that come with ADHD. You have pushed through the loss of friends, social stigma and great fear. Over the years I’ve seen your confidence grow to new heights. You are becoming such a beautiful young lady, both inside and out.

We’ve seen you take on new challenges and successfully face old one’s. You took on Junior High with new-found hope and enthusiasm, forming great friendships and creating long-lasting memories. We have no doubt that you will experience great success in High School as well.

The joy your dad and I feel seeing you smile and laugh is overwhelming. We are so proud of you sweetheart. You were made to do great things. We cannot wait to see the woman you grow up to be.

Love you,

I bet your teen amazes you too in many different ways. Why not take this opportunity to let them know how much they mean to you?

a letter to my teen

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A letter to my teen

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