A Little Joy Even in the Darkest Times

Tis the season of joy and thanks. However, there are many who find the holidays to be very difficult. Let’s face it, life is tough. Many are facing financial problems, loss of a loved one, a broken relationship. Or, they may just find it difficult to find the holiday spirit.

a little joy in dark times

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There is a lot of pressure this time of year to be joyful. But finding that joy can be overwhelmingly difficult. Sometimes though it is possible to find just

a little joy.

Feeling the pain and sadness is something that needs to be acknowledged, but perhaps looking a outside of that pain for even a moment will help you find

a little joy.

The holidays have always been a difficult time for me. I have always felt it should be this magical season filled with great grandeur, romance, kindness, and love. My knight in shinning armor never arrived to sweep me off my feet, the kindness was not always there – hurtful words leave scars. The love may have been there, but it was difficult to recognize through the hurt.

Then there was death. On December 22nd, 2001 I received a phone I never ever expected to receive. One of my best friends died that day, suddenly.

No, not Teddy.

There was an aneurysm in his aorta that burst. Just like that, he was gone. I would never be able to talk to him again, laugh with him, give him a hard time about anything. I would never be able to just hang out with him. I never got the chance to tell him how much his friendship meant to me.

a little joy darkest times

This picture is one of us taken almost 20 years ago!

Yes, the holidays can be difficult to experience joyfully, or even thankfully. However, there is more to the holidays than just those expectations, those trials or those tribulations, or even

those losses.

It’s a celebration of renewal, and rebirth. It’s a celebration of the birth of Jesus. The one who was born only to die for our sins – for our salvation.

Even if you do not believe in God, you can still see this time of year as renewal. It is a time to stop and enjoy the smallest of things. A beautiful ornament, laughter, a string of lights, or a hug from a friend.

It’s the circumstances within us that creates a cloud over the joy. Perhaps a way to start lifting that cloud that shields the joy is to start making a list of those things for which we should find joy in or feel thankful.

  • I am thankful for having known Teddy, for the friendship we had and all the amazing memories.
  • I am thankful for all those Christmases that I was able to spend with my grandparents who are now both deceased.
  • I am thankful for a mom who loves me to pieces, but may not always have the right words.
  • I find joy in hearing the laughter of my children.
  • I am thankful for an amazing husband who is an incredible father.
  • I delight in seeing my children’s faces light up the first time our tree is decorated and lit up.
  • I find joy in my children’s squeals of joy Christmas morning when they see presents under the tree…no matter how many are there.

What are some of the things you find joy in or feel thankful for having?

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About the Author

I am a work from home mom who dearly loves her 15-year-old daughter, 11-year-old boy/girl twins, and husband. I love my life and feel very blessed by what God has provided for me.


  1. I’m really thankful for my kids, even if they do drive me crazy! =D

  2. I find joy in reading posts like this that let everyone out there know that no matter what kind of horrible crap they may be going through, they’re not alone.
    Dawn recently posted..#OREOCookieBalls $1000 SweepstakesMy Profile

    • Thank you so much Dawn! I do always try to remember that despite what I may experiencing, as bad as I think it is…some are facing a whole worse. You are definitely not alone! 🙂

  3. What a great post. Even in the darkest times, you need hope. And if someone doesn’t have it, maybe we can help them find it.
    Jennifer recently posted..#HeartMyHair $1000 SweepstakesMy Profile

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