A Preschool Field Trip to a Pumpkin Farm

One of the things I most enjoy about working from home is being able to do things with my children that I would not be able to do if I were working ata a “job”.  I am referring to being able to go on school field trips and be a “room mom” at their school.  I missed out on a lot of things when Megan was young since I worked full-time up until she was 4 years old.  But since being home now I have really enjoyed being a part of her school life as well as being active with Anna and Ethan’s preschool.

Field Trip to a Pumpkin Farm

I was very excited to be able to go with Anna and Ethan on their preschool field trip to a pumpkin farm.  It ended up being a bone-chilly day; it was actual 40 degrees colder than the day before.  That is Chicago weather for you!  We were clearly not dressed for the weather, but enjoyed ourselves for as long as we could anyway!

Kids Hayride

In the photo above we started off the morning by going on a hayride!  All the kids had a good time, and enjoyed seeing the cornfield and the little ghosts and goblins that were placed in the field.  Anna and Ethan have little black arrows above their heads!  🙂  From the hayride the teacher took a class picture, however Anna missed it since she had to go potty since before the hayride.  I did not want her to miss the ride since it was our turn to go on it, but by the time it was over she could not wait any longer.

After their class picture we stood in line to go for a little train ride.  We actually had to wait quite a long time for the train ride since the line was quite long.  We snuggled trying to keep each other warm.


After the train ride the kids got to feed the sheep with some corn they had made available for the kids!

 Anna Feeding Lamb

The last thing the kids had been looking forward to doing was going down the big blow-up slide.  The only problem was that by the time we actually made it to the slide Ethan was too cold and had absolutely no desire to go down the slide any more.  Actually a little friend of theirs, who hung out with us with her mom the whole time we were there, was way too cold to go down the slide as well.  Anna however was still all for it!

Anna on slide

On the way out I had to take pictures of these animals.  I still do not know what they were, Llama’s? Alpaca’s?  I thought they were adorable, so I did make the kids wait while I shot a picture of them!

Animals at the Pumpkin Farm

And then of course I needed to take one more picture of Anna and Ethan who were frozen little popsicles at this point!

Anna & Ethan at the Farm

Every year when we go to this pumpkin farm on the way out they give everyone a free pumpkin.  The free little pumpkin is the one thing the kids had been excited about getting all week long.  The other mom who we were with the whole time at the farm was nice enough to take a picture of the three of us.

Anna, Ethan & Jodi Farm

After this picture we promptly got in the car and then I blasted the heat so we could all thaw out!  Wow, what a difference a day makes.  The temperature was supposed to get into the 50’s that day, which is cold but when the sun is out feels really nice!  However, the sun never came out and the temperature never got above the mid-40’s the whole time were there.

All in all, we had a great time!


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