A Very Loved Care Bear Costume

Yesterday, Friday, Megan decided to pull out costumes with Anna and Ethan and play dress-up.  One of the costumes she pulled out is a Care Bear costume that Anna wore for Halloween last year.  I’m pretty sure Anna forgot about it’s existence because she was so excited and enthralled with this costume that it was miserable trying to get her to take it off.

I did manage to get her to take it off for dinner time…since she is the messiest eater ever!  And I was very happy she agreed to take it off for her shower.  I did cave in and let her sleep in it though, with the understanding that she could not where the hood.  If she did, then the costume would come off. So Anna slept, quite soundly in her Care Bear costume!

Ethan was quite miserable that Anna was hogging all the time with the Care Bear costume so I convinced Anna to let Ethan try it on before she went to bed.  I honestly think he really just wanted his picture taken with it on!

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  1. AWWWW….
    SO Cute!!!!My Ethan has a weird obsession with always wearing some sort of costume around the house… I’m thinking acting school =)

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