Activities for Children During Summer Break

Finding enough activities for children during their summer break can be challenging at times. I do not know about you but there is a big countdown of days until school is over in our home. My twins “graduated” from preschool last week and Megan will be done with 4th grade at the end of Thursday. Megan is anxiously awaiting the ring of that final bell on Thursday. Anna and Ethan are excited for her to be done with school too! With months of no school, how do you get your kids ready for summer break? Below are some activities for children during summer break that may help keep the peace.

activities for children during summer break

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Activities for Children During Summer Break

  1. Start off the summer by introducing a summer calendar. This is somewhat like an advent calendar that helps kids count down to the holiday, but instead with can help you child prepare for going back to school after summer break.
  2. Try to make contact with your child’s school friend’s parents to set play dates over the summer. The transition into not seeing their friends for the whole summer can be somewhat stressful. Being able to get some play dates on the calendar will help your child with not seeing their friends as frequently.
  3. Talk to your child and listen to any concerns he or she may have during the summer break. Some kids do not adapt to change to well, so make sure they understand that the change in schedule is temporary and that it will go by quickly.
  4. Try to keep the same structure to your child’s day, at least for a bit when school ends. Although the change in schedule with school is rather sudden, you can still keep the same wake, eat, and bedtime schedules as you do during the school year. Some children need to be eased into the new schedule instead of being abruptly thrown into it.
  5. Sit with your child and create a list of summer activities to do during the summer break. The activities do not have to be complicated. You can have one day as a crafts day, a baking day, a trip to the zoo day, a pool day, or a trip to the park day. This will give your children something to look forward to.
  6. Make it a point to talk to your child’s teacher before school ends to find out areas your child may need some additional help in over the summer. Ask if there are any specific activities they would recommend you do with your child to help strengthen what they have struggled to learn. These should be fun summer activities that do not resemble school.
  7. Try to plan a family vacation or a weekend away. We have not been able to afford vacations the past couple of years, which has really bothered my oldest. When she was younger, we were a two full-time salaried family so we could take the trips to Disney World each year. This year, so we can feel as though we went on vacation, we are going camping for an extended weekend. This is an affordable way to get away for the weekend that will provide the kids with a lot of fun activities and some great family moments.
  8. We have had a lot of rain so far this year, so I know the mosquitos are going to come out with a vengeance at some point. Make sure you have supply of bug repellant handy for outdoor play. Also, with it just getting hot and sunny out you many not have any sun block left from the previous year. Do not forget to get a good broad spectrum UVA/UVB sunblock. I also like buying the sunblock sticks for their faces. The sticks allow them to do their own face!
  9. Do you kids play hard? Our twins learned how to ride how to ride a two-wheeler this year already and we have already had the scraped knees to prove it. Make sure you have a stocked first aid kit handy for the falls. I always tell my kids the scrapes and bruises are great signs of a hard playing child!

If your child’s summer break did not already begin, it will soon! Start planning your summer now by talking to your children and getting some fun activities on the calendar.

Make sure while you and your family are out enjoying your summer that you stay cool and hydrated. You can see more information on staying hydrated during the summer heat here.

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  1. Jenna Wood says

    I think keeping the daily structure is something often forgotten but very important for transitioning back to school and keeping a well rounded child!

  2. We have only a few more weeks before school ends. I need to start thinking soon!
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  3. I’m going home to visit all my nieces and nephews and I can’t wait to see them. I’m sure these tips will come in handy for my time with them
    Patty recently posted..There Will Always Be Lemons, Which is Why We All Love Lemonade #GoodLifeMy Profile

  4. I try to stick with their normal schedule for maybe the first week. By the second week we are thrown completely off.

  5. I need a summer calendar! Actually, I need the time it takes to MAKE a summer calendar! My kids play hard (I only have boys) and even my four year old knows exactly where the band-aids are kept!
    Erin B. recently posted..Datevitations: The Coupon BookMy Profile

  6. I had four kids so I would make a big spreadsheet with the whole surmmer and then map out their sports and camps. It was great fun for them and me.
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  7. We have 7 more days of school. I have been trying to get organized like this.
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