The Adventures of Bunny and A Day of Fun with the Kids

In the near future it will start to get too cold to go outdoors to really enjoy ourselves. This past Saturday my mom called and asked if we wanted to go out for a sandwich and walk to this park in this cute town right by us – Lisle (Illinois). The have a very cute downtown area with lots of cute boutique’s and restaurants. There is also a nice little path that takes you to this park, one that we have drove past for a couple of years now but have never been.

Mom came over Saturday morning, but before we could leave Anna asked if she could bring “bunny” with us. Megan gave bunny to Anna several months ago. Megan made bunny at Build-A-Bear several years ago, and since she has a ton of stuffed animals…she decided to give bunny to Anna a while ago. Ever since, Anna has been quite attached to bunny.


Normally I say “no” to bringing bunny, because heaven forbid she get lost or something happen to her. But since Anna has been so attached to bunny, and she will only be young for so long I wanted her to enjoy her time with bunny. 🙂 I figured too we were just going to eat and to the park…it would be easy enough to keep track of “bunny”.

We started off going to a bakery, John Dough Bakery, that had the most delicious looking cupcakes, cookies and pastries. I will be keeping them in mind for birthdays, since they do have beautiful decorated cakes as well. However, I was good and did not indulge in the sweets. We all ordered their fresh made deli sandwiches that were superb! There is something that tastes so different when having a deli sandwich made for you as opposed to making one yourself. Before leaving the bakery, each kid did have a freshly made chocolate chip cookie that was soft, gooey, and yummy!

I am not sure why, but I did not get any pictures of bunny at the bakery. However, you will be happy to know that but Bunny did have her own chair and Anna was very good at sharing her food with her!

Dragon Fly Landing Park

Right around the corner was the path to the park, PrairieWalk Pond and Dragonfly Landing. Around the pond, there are gorgeous walking paths that lead to a gazebo. It is deemed a wetland around the pond. Off to the side of the pond is where the village built the Dragonfly Landing Park and Splash Pad.

This park has just enough to keep all three kids occupied. There were plenty of slides, things to climb on, these wooden circles that were mounted to large springs, and other things that had seats attached to a pole to spin on! Bunny enjoyed all of these activities with the kids as well.

dragonfly landing park

One of the first things the kids did was pose on this frog with wings. Each one had to have their turn with bunny. It’s a good thing bunny likes to have her picture taken.

dragonfly landing park

Next, we were off to the slides. Of course, bunny got to go down the slide all by herself a couple of times! It was so much fun seeing the kids enjoy each other’s company and just have a great time.

dragonfly landing park

The pictures below are of these wooden circles that are attached to large springs. They are very interesting! When you step up on them the wiggle all over the place and do not stop. For me, I thought they were good for working on balance. 🙂 The kids seemed to have enjoyed them. Anna was a little skeptical at first. The first time she got on one she would not stand up. She actually stayed in kneeling position at first! However, by the time we left, she was brave enough to stand on her own…bunny was too!

dragonfly landing park

One of the best things about this day was seeing Megan smiling again. She has had it very rough the past couple of years. She has always been a worrier; worrying about things that would not pop into the heads most kids her age. But a couple of years ago an incident at school really triggered it into high gear. She was recently diagnosed with generalized anxiety, panic disorder and the very beginnings of depression.

I have been taking her to counseling the past two years, but it has not really helped at all. See her anxiety has been too high to allow her to try to activate the coping mechanisms discussed with the counselors. I started taking her to a Pediatric and Adolescent Psychiatrist a couple of weeks ago and she prescribed medication. The look of relief on Megan’s face when she was told this would finally help her feel better broke my heart. It was finally very clear how miserable she had been.

I am so relieved my baby is finally happy again. 🙂

dragonfly landing park




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