Another Summer of Swim Team Comes to a Close


This is how I feel, I need to pull myself up by the bootstraps and keep on going. We are recovering from a very busy final week of swim team. Swim team ending marks that the end of summer is drawing near for us.  The summer has flown by once again. The kids’ going back to school is right around the corner.

This past week there was practice just about every morning.  In addition to that, they had a swim meet on Tuesday, Silver Conference was on Thursday (for those who were in that one), Pasta night was on Friday and Gold Conference was on Saturday (for those who were in that one). Megan was in Gold Conference, which entailed us being at the event at 6:30 a.m.  They swam in preliminaries in the morning and those who qualified in the morning swam in the afternoon.  Essentially it was like swimming two swim meets in one day.  Megan swam breaststroke in the morning and qualified for the swim meet in the afternoon!!

There were three heats of each stroke, meaning there were about 24 kids swimming for each age group. The top 8 from each age group then made it to the afternoon swim meet (finals). In the afternoon finals Megan came in 8th.  She did an amazing job, and we are so proud of her.  Although she was mad that she did not come in a higher position.  We told her she should be very proud of herself.  It’s only her second year on swim team and she had already qualified for the finals.  Plus what is there to strive for if you already came in first.  She felt better about her performance by the end of the day.

We feel it is so important for kids to not beat themselves up so much.  It is great to have a competitive edge, but they should also be proud of themselves and their abilities. Kids possessing self-confidence is such an import quality.

After finals, we all went back to our pool for catered food and awards.  It never ceases to amaze us on how, after such a long day, the kids could still have so much energy! Although that was yesterday, today Megan slept until 10 a.m.!

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