Avoid the Back-to-School Budget Drain at Kmart

“This is a sponsored post. I am a Kmart blogger, though all opinions are my own.” 

Have you done all your back-to-school (BTS) shopping yet? Well, don’t worry if you haven’t because Kmart always has great deals that can help you stay on budget. I must confess I have not even started our BTS yet. Our kids do not start until next Wednesday, so of course I am waiting for this next paycheck (today) before we make any more purchases.


Megan is the only one who really needs some new clothes for school. Anna and Ethan are already set. However, they all need new gym shoes! I, for one, am excited to be able to save some money and get some trendy looking school clothes. As the kids are getting older, there seems to be more activities they are getting involved in doing. Both girls are now in dance and Ethan is in Soccer. All this puts a huge drain on our already tight budget.

Kmart affords us the opportunity to get those back to school supplies at a modest price. However, before you run out to Kmart, I would like to make the following suggestions to help save you more time and money:

  • Take a look at your child’s supply, crossing off the items you already have and adding to the list those you do not have.
  • Do they need a new backpack, lunch bag, or water bottle? If not, add those to the list too if they need them.
  • Now the clothes. Does your school have a dress code? Take inventory of what clothes your child(ren) need, and those they have grown out of.

Kmart is a one-stop shop that allows you to get all of you shopping done at one place. Now, the only question I have for you is what are you planning to do with all of that money you just saved? I vote for picking up a nice new fall outfit for yourself.

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I am a work from home mom who dearly loves her 15-year-old daughter, 11-year-old boy/girl twins, and husband. I love my life and feel very blessed by what God has provided for me.


  1. It’s nice you can get everything you need, at good prices in one convenient location.

  2. Jenna Wood says:

    We finished our back to school shopping at Kmart last weekend. There were some crazy clearance finds, and I even got a new purse!

  3. I’m almost ready. Just a few more things to pick up.

  4. I have another year before I am in this boat, but I am keeping a mental list of all the best places for savings!

  5. We are all ready!!!

  6. I just finished up shopping today actually. I am glad to be done.

  7. I think back to school is horrible drain on the budget and I always look for ways to save. ShopYourWay rewards are very helpful!

  8. When time comes I need to buy these stuff, I would also buy them at K mart!

  9. i need to head on over to kmart and check out what they have now!

  10. I love to shop at Kmart, not only for my daughter for back to school, but also for myself.

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