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This summer has definitely flown by for us. Has it for you too? I am sure it does not help that summer started a little later for us this year. The kids had to make up 5 snow days keeping them in school later than planned. With all three of my children in school, I could use some back to school tips on a variety of different levels.

Back to School Tips

back to school tips

As a parent, any back to school tips I can gleam from someone else is always appreciated. Whether that involves saving money or better strategies on getting kids off to school in a less chaotic fashion. Lucky for me, and you, seems to have all the bases covered. Not only do they have huge savings on back to school essentials, but also they’ve put together an entire series of videos with great tips.

One of my favorite sections of tips is “Easier Morning Routines”. Included in this series of tips is School Lunches Made Fast & Fun, which had a lot of great ideas on products to pack for lunches. Here was a great tip I got from this video, pack GoGo SqueeZ Apple Strawberry but freeze them overnight. This way it acts like a freezer pack, plus gives them a little slushy treat! My kids love GoGo SqueeZ, but now they will love them even more!

I really like Mom’s top 10: Get organized for school – there are some really awesome tips in this article. One tip that I am definitely going to make use of is the one on preparing after school snacks. It seems my kids are absolutely starving when they get home from school. They first thing they do is hit the refrigerator or panty looking for something to eat. One of the tips in this article said to prepare portion out collections of healthy snacks in sandwich bags, and to keep them at kid-friendly levels in both the refrigerator and cabinet. That is genius! This way they will not be rummaging around for something. Plus, when they do get home it will be less chaotic.

There are also sections of tips on Fighting Germs and Elementary School Essentials. Speaking of school essentials, let’s talk pencils. My kids love retractable pencils, which I have a love for too. I can never seem to sharpen a regular pencil with out whittling down the entire pencil trying to get a sharp point. Plus, they are so much easier for even doing homework. My kids tend to want to get up all the time from the table to go sharpen their pencils. Walmart has a great selection of Pencils, traditional and retractable!

If you have older kids in school, there are also great tips for high school students as well as those heading off to college! I love that they have devoted an entire section to Anti-Bullying. Yay for Walmart for taking on that initiative!

You can check out these helpful videos for yourself on back to school and back to college. When watching the video, if you hover over a product in the video and click a specific link to that product will pop up. If you want to see all of their school supplies though, you can shop school supplies by grade right on their website. It is so convenient!

Do you have a helpful tip you would like to share? I would love to hear what you do to make your school year easier for you and your family!



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