Barbie is Moving, Or is She?

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Earlier this summer I had the please to covered a Barbie Is Moving Event. Barbie decided it was time to move from Malibu and so was visiting different cities throughout the country deciding where she was going to move. Well, after all that Barbie decided her heart really does belong to Malibu and has decided to stay. However, she decided if she was going to stay she would get her home renovated.

Barbie Is Moving

With her new home renovation, the brand new Barbie Dreamhouse 2013 has been introduced.  Her newly renovated 2013 Dreamhouse stands 3 1/2 feet tall, is three-stories, has 6 rooms, and two elevators. It comes with over 50 pieces and makes some pretty cool noises. When Barbie takes a shower this a little button you can push to listen to her hum while in the shower. It is actually a rather addicting tune. We all start humming along with her! Some of the other sounds are a doorbell, blowdryer, mixer in the kitchen, and toilet flush. The oven lights up too!

Barbie is moving

I was not expecting the Dreamhouse to arrive the day it arrived. I was sitting at the computer working when the doorbell rang. I expected it to be Anna and Ethan’s friend from next-door but instead I saw the UPS truck and no package. The driver, who was already in our driveway said he put it in our garage. I thought, oh that must be a big delivery; although I thought it was the delivery of a new big dog bed for Rusty. A little while later Anna and Ethan wanted to run out in the garage to see the “dog bed”, low and behold it was the new Barbie Dreamhouse.

Barbie is moving

Anna and Ethan were so excited about the arrival of this box that I could barely contain them! They were a little disappointed to see that the Dreamhouse did not come out of the box already put together, and was in multiple pieces. It did actually take me a while to put the Dreamhouse together. I started late one day and then finished it the following day. I was challenged with putting together the elevator, but I think it was mostly me.

It was very exciting putting the finishing touches on the Dreamhouse after it was all built. I think towards the end I stalled a little long because I wanted to get some play time in! What is very cool about this sent is that there are various places that has almost like a lattice type of design. It is in those little spaces that all of the pieces fit into. So really you can decorate however you would like to with the different tiny pieces.

Barbie is moving

Almost done!!

Anna and Ethan were both so excited to see Dreamhouse almost done. The only thing I had left to do at this point was set up the elevator in the middle, put some of the stickers on, and set up the accessories and pieces.


Barbie Dreamhouse 2013 Completed!

This is the completed Barbie Dreamhouse 2013! Isn’t this magnificent? If you look to the left of the Dreamhouse you can see Ethan standing there. The Dreamhouse is taller than he is! You can sort of see that the side’s slide back making it somewhat of a half circle shape. This is great since not only does it all it to be more steady on the ground, but it allows more room for more kids to play!

Barbie Dreamhouse 2013

Like I mentioned above, the fact that it opens wider is great for allowing more to play with it together. If you look in the very left of the photo above, you can see my 10 year old daughter was having fun playing their too! You can see her hand and her foot! She was still in her PJ’s so I kept her out of the photo. 🙂


I really love how well Anna and Ethan play together. I also really enjoy the age he is at since he doesn’t care if he is playing with Barbie’s, he just wants to play and have fun with his sister. Growing up I had a large wooden dollhouse. I use to love all the pieces and going from room-to-room. It is such a joy to see my kids getting to play with such an amazing toy.

Buy It:

You can purchase the Barbie Dreamhouse 2013 at Walmart and retail stores nationwide; MSRP = $184.99. You can also connect with Barbie by “liking” on Facebook, following on Twitter, Pinterest, and the Barbie website.



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  1. That is so cool. I had a Barbie Dreamhouse when I was a little girl and spent hours and hours playing with it.

  2. OMG my daughter would LOVE this! i need to buy her this for Christmas

    • Kristyn, I would recommend if you do buy that for your daughter, you probably want to have it put together already too! The time it takes to put it together is almost excruciatingly long for the kids waiting to play with it! lol

  3. My heavens that is one fancy dreamhouse! How cute to see the kids playing together. I remember the one I had way back in the early days of Barbie.

  4. Jenna Wood says:

    I can’t believe how big it is! I love that the assembly is primarily plastic, as opposed to heavy wood and particle board. I know a little 10 y/o girl who would go gaga over this for Christmas.

  5. I’m so glad my son wasn’t the only one that wanted to play with the house…but he only wanted to play with the dog! : )

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