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Believe it or not there are a few things going on in our home health wise, other than my husbands broken elbow! 🙂 I am determined to stay back on my weekly meal planning for dinners, feed my children healthier snacks, and lose at least 20 pounds! So far, I’m doing great with the meal planning and the kids are loving it. I have not gotten back to the gym regularly yet because of my husband’s injury, but I am counting calories which is a good start. Healthier snack food items for the kids is going great too. I am buying a larger variety of fruit to keep in the house, as well as items like humus and pita bread. Bare Fruit Since I am now on a quest to continue adding more healthy food items to our pantry, I was excited about the opportunity to be introduced to another healthy snack. Bare Fruit makes a 100% Organic Bake-Dried Cinnamon Apple Chips which are yummy and nutritious! My kids were a little leery about the “cinnamon” in the snack, and I was a little concerned about texture. We have had a lot of dried fruit in our home throughout the years, and there are times when it can be a little chewy. I am happy to report that the taste is perfect. You can taste the cinnamon only slightly, and just sweet enough to give it that little snack feel. As far as texture, passed with flying colors! They are crisp just like a chip. Bare Fruit The sweetness in these Cinnamon Apple Chips came right from the only two ingredients in this product, organic apples and organic cinnamon. Also, for those who are gluten-free – these are a gluten-free product.Each bag of chips is made of 30 Washington State apples. Bare Fruit was founded by Eric Strandberg and is located in non-other than Washington State! They are the leading apple chip brand in the US and make every effort to be environmentally friendly.  They will be 100% carbon neutral in 2013.

Please visit the Bare Fruit website to find a retailer near you or to order online. You can also connect with them on Facebook and Twitter. I would love to hear from you on what other products you would like to try from them!

Giveaway Details

Would you like to have the chance to win some 100% Organic Bare Fruit Apple Chips?  There are two ways you can enter this contest. You can visit this Facebook page or your can enter by clicking or scanning the QR code at the bottom of my post! Either way works great! This giveaway will end on January 30th. The winners name will be posted on both the Bare Fruit Facebook page and will be announced on my site!  Be sure to sign up for my post updates so you do not miss out on the announcement of the winner. You can also follow me on Facebook.   QR Code

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