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Becoming a caregiver of aging parents can be very stressful and a very emotional time. I grew up with my mom and sister while living with my grandparents. I was in 5th grade when we moved in with them, and lived there for nearly 16 years, with a break to go away to college. I saw how they struggled as they aged and how my mom began to naturally become their caregiver.

Of course as my grandparents aged, my did as well. As my mom eventually retired from her job, the health of my grandparents had already started to deteriorate. At the time she retired though, they were not at the point where they needed her 24/7. In light of that, and since mom still wanted to bring in some kind of an income, she got a part-time job at Brookfield Zoo. She loved the zoo (and still does) and had always wanted to work there!

Becoming a Caregiver of Elderly Parents

It eventually became evident that she would have to give up her job at the zoo to be home with my grandparents. Due to all their doctor appointments, my mom had to call in sick on a regular basis. Plus she started to worry that something would happen to them if she were not there to keep an eye on them. It was not on unusual for my grandmother to forget to turn off the stove.

Over the next several years, my mom became tied to the house. She had to be available for my grandparents around the clock. My mom has two siblings, both men. One lives out-of-state and the other, although close enough to help, could not really handle seeing their deterioration. My mom gave up vacations and plans to move to a warmer climate.

That being said, I know she would not go back and do things differently. She did not want to displace them from their home, and she felt it was family obligation to care for her parents who had cared for her through her life. With all the demands put upon the caregiver, who then supports the caregiver?

becoming a caregiver of aging parents

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There is an interesting article I read about caregiving from Huffington Post, which actually discusses this topic. It does give me something to think about for the future with my own mom. She still gets around just fine, but being in her early 70’s it is something we have to prepare for.

Genworth Financial does include Caregiver Support Services as one of its integral components. They can help you create a care support plan, negotiate discounts on care, and much more. As someone who may have to be a caregiver in the future, it is great to know there are resources available to help during that time.

Are you a caregiver? If you will be one in the future, have you started to prepare for that at all?

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  1. Most of us think of a caregiver as a kindhearted person, maybe middle aged or somewhat younger, who could help Mom or Dad when they start to lose independence. A family caregiver is often the daughter of an aging parent. When an aging parent needs care giving, the children often need to take responsibility.
    Emma Brown recently posted..Self Care, Is Best Care During Holiday SeasonMy Profile

  2. I am nearing this situation as you are. I often wonder WHAT WILL I DO? I guess you can’t know until it’s here. But preparing does make sense.
    SHELLEY R ZUREK recently posted..Investment Style! Verizon Voices Fashionista Style Hop 10-8My Profile

  3. Both of my parents died relatively young from cancer so I won’t find myself in this position. I did have to care for my mother in the latter stages of her cancer and it was awful. It is not easy to have a parent who requires care like a baby would….but it was easier to do when I was young than it would have been had I also been old.
    Patty recently posted..The Worms are Here, the Worms are Here! Thanks to The SquirmFirm #sponMy Profile

  4. Jenna Wood says

    My grandma recently passed and Genworth was there to cover final costs and support the family. I didn’t know they offered caregiver support in addition to basic life insurance. I’ll have to look into this more.

  5. We are dealing with this with my grandmother right now. It’s such a hard thing to do.
    Ellen Christian recently posted..Make Butter SpreadableMy Profile

  6. I was a caregiver to my husband’s parents for years. It really does take a lot out of you.
    Katherine Bartlett recently posted..Mary’s Favorite App #MyDolphinShow #adMy Profile

  7. We could’ve used this years ago. My mom was slowly but surely dying of breast cancer, and in our grief, we didn’t even know what to do about anything! We were such a mess, in every aspect. It seems morbid to plan ahead for these things, but they are an eventuality that must be dealt with!

  8. This is so improtant – thank you for the reminder
    Lena recently posted..Community: The Jared Box ProjectMy Profile

  9. I went through this with my mom. It is so important to plan for these issues even though it is not something most families want to think about.
    Jenn recently posted..Join the CHOOSE TO BE NICE Movement!My Profile

  10. We’re nearing this situation every year…it’s hard, isn’t it?
    Cinny recently posted..C’mon girls, show us your smarts! #Marvel will send you to #California! #genius #ThorDarkWorld #ThorDarkWorldEventMy Profile

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