10 Best Productivity Podcasts that Helps Inspire and Encourage

Best Productivity Podcasts

I’ve been getting really into listening to podcasts, and have some great one’s to share with you. Since I am working on productivity, I’m listing out some of the best productivity podcasts I listen to on a regular basis. I find time to listen to these shows when I’m in the car or doing chores around the house.

Best productivity podcasts to encourage and inspire you.

Stitcher is the app I normally listen to Podcasts on since it is also available in my car. However, you can also listen on iTunes.

Here are my favorite 10 podcasts. I’ve grouped them according to length, so you know how much time you need to listen to an entire episode.


60-Minute Average Podcast

Sorta Awesome – Each week author and host Megan Tietz and co-hosts Kelly, Rebekah, and Laura discuss all the awesome things that are happening around us and within us.

Some of my favorite episodes:

  • Oh, the Enneagram? It’s Awesome!
  • Why we can’t get enough of Myers Briggs
  • Pursuing passion and getting real with Crystal Paine
  • Social media tips, tricks, advice, and more
  • Cleanse, clog, and consciously communicate with Mary Shores

There are 134 episodes, with an average length of 60 minutes.

The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey – Each week Jamie Ivey brings a fascinating woman to her show. During The Happy Hour she discusses anything and everything just as if you were around the table with your own girlfriends.

Some of my favorite episodes:

  • #11: Shauna Niequist
  • #51 Emily Freeman
  • #108: Beth Moore
  • #114: Alli Worthington

Jamie has 182+ podcasts. There are 182 numbered, with other additional (bonus) podcasts mixed in. I really enjoy listening to her wide range of topics and interviews. Her podcasts average around 60 minutes.


45-50 Minute Average Podcasts

Simply Joyful Podcast with Kristi Clover – This podcast encourages and inspires you to find simple ways to bring more joy into your day.

A few of my favorites:

  • Kristi Clover: Productivity hacks for busy moms
  • Crystal Paine: Living with intention in the new year
  • Emily Ley: Amazing tips to help you simplify your life
  • Michelle Cushatt: Encouragement for when you feel like you’re not enough

This is a perfectly named show for Kristi Clover. She exudes joy and cheerfulness, but not in an annoying way at all! There are 51 episodes to listen to with an average length of 45 minutes.

The Productive Woman – Hosted by Laura McClellan. She is a lawyer, a writer, a productivity enthusiast, and a tech geek, who is passionate about encouraging women in their individual journeys as people, wives, mothers, citizens.

  • Some of my favorite episodes (so far) include:
  • Focus (A Word for the Year)
  • Productivity Tools & Techniques to Try
  • Relationships & Productivity

I still have a lot of her episodes that I want to listen to though. She has 179 episodes, which run around 50 minutes in length.

Mom Struggling Well – With motherhood being so hard, Emily Thomas strives to dig deep each week with various guests to ask how they moved from struggling to struggling WELL.

Some favorite episodes are:

  • Setting Goals with Laura Casey
  • Beauty in the Unseen Moments with Sara Hagerty
  • More Than Just Making It with Erin Odom
  • Waiting Well and Daring to Hope with Stephanie Rische

There are 122+ numbered episodes, averaging 45 minutes in length.  She as a wide range of topics, such as parenting teens, marriage, miscarriage, adoption, parenting, contentment, and so many more relevant topics.

Cultivating the Lovely – This is a podcast, hosted by Mackenzie Monroe,  for moms to practice The Labor, Care and Study of Living Life Well.

Some of my favorite episodes include:

  • Creating a Lifegiving Home with Sally & Sarah Clarkson
  • Savoring Summer with Jamie Balmet
  • Natural Skin Care and Makeup with Jodi McKenna
  • Friendships with Extroverts

Mackenzie has 54 episodes, averaging 45 minutes in length.


Episodes that are 30 – 40 minutes

The Homemaking Foundations Podcast – As creator and hostess of this Podcast, Jami Balmet provides tools, inspiration, and encouragement to craft a gospel-centered home.

Some of my favorite episodes include:

  • Goal setting for your life and homemaking
  • What does it mean to be a modern homemaker?
  • Eliminating distractions in your homemaking
  • Does my “Quiet time” need to be first thing in the morning?

She has 113 episodes, which run about 40-minutes in length. They are all very encouraging and uplifting.

Awesome with Alison – Alison Faulkner’s ONLY goal with her podcast to help you feel more awesome after listening to her show.

Some favorites are:

  • Ideas of unplugging and being freaking present!
  • Six ideas to help you snap out of a funk!
  • How to never waste your time!
  • How to give the greatest gift: forgiveness!

Many of Alison’s podcasts are 20 – 30 minutes, although there are some (more recently) that are closer to the 1 hour mark.


Shorter Podcasts

The Next Right Thing – This is one of my favorite shows, which is hosted by Emily P. Freeman. If you are looking to relieve some stress, you’ll find her voice to be very soothing. This podcast is designed for the second-guessers, the chronically hesitant, or anyone who suffers from decision fatigue.

Some of my favorite episodes of her’s include:

  • Become a Soul Minimalist
  • Do this Before Every Hard Decision
  • Make the Most Important List
  • Practice Presence

This is a newer podcast, having only 26 episodes, which generally 11 – 20 minutes in length.

The Lazy Genius Podcast – Kendra Adachi helps you be a genius on the things that matter and lazy about the things that don’t. She guides you on ways to make things easier.

Some of my favorite episodes:

  • Time Management
  • Loses Weight
  • Sets Goals
  • Budgets

There are 53 episodes to listen to on this Podcast, averaging 15 – 20 minutes. They are fairly short, but sweet. I love her practical way of getting things done, but letting go of those things that really don’t matter.

I’d love to hear if you listen to Podcasts, and, if so, which ones?

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  3. I have never listened to a podcast!! But it sounds like I need to check these out!

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  5. I really need to get into podcasts. Some of these look like they are really helpful.

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  8. I will definitely look into these podcasts! Sometimes it’s so hard to stay inspired and I just need an extra boost.

  9. These sound like some wonderfully informative podcasts! I am going to have to check them out for sure. It can be so hard to stay on task and keep the inspiration alive so I am going to have to give these a listen.

  10. I’ve been getting into podcasts lately. This is a great list.

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