Birthday Party Checklist When Planning A Sweet 16 Party

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It was a long time ago that I turned “Sweet 16”, and honestly do not remember my birthday being quite so sweet. It is a little strange now to have friends of mine with kids who are turning 16 and beyond. This past weekend a friend I have known for over 25 years just held a party for her son who graduated High School. She is the first one in “the group” to have a child graduate and start the college journey. It really does seem like it was just yesterday we were ogling over him as a newborn! They say the time with your children goes by in a blink, and that is so true.

Thankfully my children are still somewhat young, 9 years old, and two 5 year olds. However, I can tell already time is going by way too fast with my 9 year old. As difficult as times can be while parenting your children, you really do have to take the time to enjoy all the moments along the way.

Birthday Party Checklist for sweet 16 birthday

Birthday Party Checklist When Planning A Sweet 16 Party

This summer I will have a birthday party to attend for another friend whose daughter will be sixteen. There are many things to keep in mind when planning a birthday party such as this. A birthday party checklist is a necessity when it comes to planning a party of this magnitude. The first thing we need to do is set a budget that will keep our spending within certain limits and help us to create a shopping list accordingly. We will also need to decide where we want to host this party, and create a guest list. There is also the option of having this be a coed party, in which case, depending on the amount of kids we invite we will also want additional adult supervision. Of course then, besides deciding on the theme, there is also the cake, food, games, and entertainment to decide on too.

We started looking into sweet 16 party themes, to commemorate this special birthday. It really is such a magical day for a young girl, and we want this party to be successful and create wonderful memories for her. There are some really cute themes to choose from, but want to choose one that fits with her personality and things she likes. We also want to choose a theme that will carry over into wonderful things, such as keepsake photo albums, picture frames, and other memorable gifts for the birthday girl.

There are so many things to keep in mind when planning a party. It is a good thing my friend is a CPA, she by nature is super organized and a total type A personality!

Do you have any Sweet 16 Birthday Parties coming up? I would love to hear plans you have made in the past or for those is the future! Please leave comments below.


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  1. Sweet 16teens are an odd concept to me – I am originally from Poland, and here we celebrate the 18th bdays, not 16th (when you’re 18 you can vote and drink legally). Nevertheless, I think the rules stay the same 😉 I remember my 18th bday, I used to love purple back then and I had a purple cake, purple dress and the guest were also dressed in purple and grey (I decided it was the easiest combination and looks good)…Ah, memories! 🙂
    I hope this party of yours turns out great!
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  2. Sweet 16 party ideas says

    If life is a piece of cake, it will either be finished or get rotten, if you do not know how to keep it fresh and fine. I have just turned fifteen, and I am planning to celebrate the joy of being alive and use the sweet 16 party ideasto make it worthwhile.

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