Blogger Find Romance in Hilarious Video #ConnectingFlights

Clouds InflightIt is that time of year when many people travel to see family during the holidays.  Thankfully our family lives nearby so we do not have to travel out-of-state.  But I have traveled by plane on many occasions.  I do try to take flights that are non-stop, but the last several times I have flown I have taken flights with at least one stop since it does cut down on expenses.

I have only had a problem with a connecting flight.  I had flown from Illinois to Los Angeles to see a friend.  There was one stop on the flight going there and on the return flight in Arizona.  Everything went perfectly fine on my flight to LA, but the return flight was a different story.  The connecting flight in Arizona was overbooked so there were many of us who had to wait for the next flight.  I only had to wait about 90 minutes, but my flight was supposed to get back to Illinois at 10:30 pm so it ended up being after midnight.

I was not married at the time and had made arrangements for my mom to pick me up from the airport, so not getting back until midnight was a bit of a problem for her.  But I think the worst part of it was that when I arrived at the airport in Illinois, my luggage was not there.  Somehow my luggage got on a different flight.  Luckily my luggage was found and was delivered to my house a couple of days later.  Thank goodness I had my carry-on with all my make-up!

I saw this hysterical short video called “Connecting Flights” about two bloggers stranded at the airport who find romance.

Isn’t that funny?  That ending with the Sears refrigerator in the middle of the airport was so unexpected, which obviously it was supposed to be for the characters as well.  Wow, they really crashed – especially the woman!

Isn’t that a beautiful Sears refrigerator?  I love the stainless steel.  Be sure to check out Sears this coming Black Friday!

Have you ever found romance in an airport?  I would also love to hear your thoughts on the video!

Disclaimer:  This is a sponsored post, I am a Sears blogger, though all opinions are my own.


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