Books I Read in April and May 2018 – Fun #SummerReads

Books I Read the Past Couple Months

There are a few books I read the past couple of months I’d love to share with you. All of these books make great summer reads.

Books I read over the past couple months, which make great summer reads!


Taken – by Dee Henderson

A Christian suspense fiction book with a touch of romance in it. This is a stand-alone novel, but many of her books are part of a series. The other book I’ve read of Henderson’s is Traces of Guilt, which is the 1st book in the series Evie Blackwell Cold Case.

Synopsis: At the age of 16 Shannon Bliss is abducted by a crime family. After many years in captivity, she finds a way to escape by faking her own death. Now she wants to put her captors behind bars with all the evidence she has gathered on them while in captivity. She also wants to try to resume a life of some semblance of normalcy in her life.

Shannon contacts private investigator and former cop Matthew Dane, whose own daughter had been abducted years prior, to help her navigate her reentry into society. Dane’s handling of his own daughter’s abduction is what has drawn Shannon to him. However, she quickly discovers that gaining her freedom doesn’t mean her troubles are over.

There are many twists and turns in this novel which keeps you guessing to the very end. This is a gripping story that draws you in right from the start.


Thin Ice – by Irene Hannon

This is another Christian Suspense with a little bit of romance. Apparently, I was on a role with this genre! This is book #2 of the Men of Valor series.

Synopsis: Within 6 months, Christy Reed has tragically lost her parents in a car accident and her sister in a house fire. However, just when she is starting move on with her life, she receives an envelope with a handwritten note from her sister that claims she is alive and has been abducted.

Despite the notes orders, Christy does go to authorities and meets secretly with an FBI special agent, Lance McGregor, a former Delta Force operator. He is assigned to re-open the case but comes up with more questions than answers. For instance, if her sister is still alive, then who is buried? Why no ransom note? Is the real target Christy?

Again, many twists and turns with this book that keep you full of suspense to the very end.


Big Little Lies – by Liane Moriarty

I really enjoyed this book! I have never seen the TV series based on this book, so I went into it not having any prior knowledge of the storyline. Of course, other than what the book was about.

This book is a mystery/suspense novel with a mix of dark comedy. There are three main characters in this story, Madeline, Celeste, and Jane.

Synopsis: The first chapter really sets the stage for the rest of the book. We find out that someone has been murdered and, at that point, the book goes back to six months before it happened. We learn that Madeline is dealing with the difficulties of a blended family, Celeste, a woman everyone stops and looks at but her life is far from picture perfect, and Jane, a young single mom. The way these women will intersect is nothing short of brilliant.

These three books are easy, fun reads which make them perfect for the beach and/or pool.


Currently Reading:

The Next Always – by Nora Roberts

This novel is the first in a series titled, “Inn BoonsBoro Trilogy”. I have never read a Nora Roberts book, but I know she is a popular author. This is a romance novel, which I rarely read. However, so far, this one is pretty good without being too explicit!

Synopsis: The setting for this story is in Boonsboro, a small town where everyone knows each other. The historic hotel in this town and been standing since wartime, and is rumored to have hauntings. A family of three boys and their mother, the Montgomery family, takes on the task of restoring the hotel into a B & B. The Montgomery boys are all handsome, smart, talented, and single. The architect of the family, Beckett, has dated but has yet to find the right one.

After her husband is killed while serving in the Army, Clare Brewster returns to her hometown, Boonsboro, with her three boys to make roots and be close to family. After five years, Clare is now settled and owns a successful bookstore in town.

With the hotel’s transformation taking place across the street from Clare’s bookstore, she is drawn to the changes occurring, as well as the man inside, who has had a crush on her since she was fifteen.

This really is a fairly typical romance, although I do really enjoy her writing. You do get caught up in the storyline rather quickly. Again, another great summer read!

So tell me, what are you currently reading?
What’s your favorite genre? Leave a comment below!


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