Books I Read the Past Month and Currently Reading

Books Read The Past Month

I’ve always been an avid reader, but mostly of fiction books. I’m now trying to infuse my selections with non-fiction as well. Books read the past month include, not only fiction, but devotional/inspirational, and other non-fiction.


Books read in past month, and currently reading.

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Every since I took “4 Weeks to a More Productive Life” with Crystal Paine, I’ve started reading to learn too. I’ve been blogging for many years, but have never achieved, what I feel is true success. Although I’ve had times when my traffic has been really well, it plateaued and then fizzled.


Books I Read Over the Past Month

I read City of Mirrors (The Passage, Book 3) by Justin Cronin, 5 Habits of a Woman Who Doesn’t Quit, by Nicki Koziarz, The Promise of Security, by Beth Moore and The Neighbor (Detective D.D. Warren, #3), by Lisa Gardner.

The Passage series has been a huge commitment, but one I’m happy I took on. Each book is quite long, so when it looked like series would end in a huge disappointment, I started to get a little upset. However, I’m glad I stuck with it since about 100 pages out the the story through some very unexpected twists (as per usual) and did not disappoint at all. For a story synopsis beginning win the first book, you can see it at Five Books Worth Reading … . If you like Syfy, then you’ll really enjoy this series.

5 Habits of a Woman Who Doesn’t Quit was very enlightening. I am a quitter, over-committing to way too many things. Pressures seems to overwhelm me and then I cave to the pressure way too often. I am also an introvert, so when I make commitments that force me to leave the home or be in a large group setting, I tend to look for ways to escape. I’ve been stuck in a place I don’t want to be any more. I want to be reliable, a person people can count on without being easily led into the temptation of quitting. This book is written by a person who has quit more iMessage than she’d like to admit, but with God’s help, she’s discovered ways that hop her and others conquer the choice to quit.

The Promise of Security is really short, only 64 pages, but not short on sharing God’s wisdom. If you struggle in insecurity, this booklet will help prompt you to find your soul-deep security in God.

The Neighbor is part of a mystery-thriller-suspense series I started reading a while ago, but like to intersperse lighter books in between. As much as I love a good thriller, I’ve also realized that I need o lighten my spirit after proceeding a thriller! The series follows cases investigated by Detective Sargent D. D. Warren. This novel begins with a case involving a missing young mother, who has left behind the only witness, a 4-year old daughter and one suspect, her handsome, yet secretive husband. There are several complex characters in this book who could be responsible for the disappearance, but the twists and turns continue though the very end. A very gripping story!


Books I Am Currently Reading

I am currently reading The 5 Love Languages of Children, by Gary Chapman, Taken, by Dee Henderson and What Happens When Women Walk in Faith, by Lysa TerKeurst.

The 5 Love Languages of Children is a book I was drawn to, because I wanted to gain better understanding on how to communicate with my children. I feel like there is one child I am not making a connection with, which is causing a lot of strife. I feel like there is a lot of acting out, and that we are missing a key element to connect with her. I’m truly hoping this book can shed some light on what we are not doing.

Taken is written by a Christian Author who creates great fiction. This is the second book of hers that I’m reading in her suspense / mystery genre. Her other book I read is Traces of Guilt (Evie Blackwell Cold Case #1). Her books provide page-turning suspense that make them difficult to put the book down.

What Happens When Women Walks in Faith is one of my favorite Lysa TerKeurst devotionals. Although, I’ve never read a devotion of hers I didn’t enjoy. Do you feel like your stuck in a phase of life that will never end? Lysa walks you through the 5 stages of faith and how we can use God’s opportunities for growth when we hear Him speak through His Word. There are many times in life when your ending is not the same ending to timing of God’s. This is when we need to let go and be willingly led.

I don’t normally read this many books at once, but I’ve actually found a great way to spend time in each book daily. Every morning I do my Bible study, then I spend about 15 minutes reading Christian non-fiction. In the evening, I spend about 15-20 minutes reading with my kids. This is when I read my parenting book. Finally, at bedtime I read my fiction book.

I love hearing what others are reading! Please leave a comment below with books you are currently reading, or would recommend. 

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