Card Stamping Ideas For Birthdays and Christmas

Card Stamping Ideas

I used to make my own cards all the time by doing card stamping, but over the past few years I just have not had the time to set aside to make them.  Besides that, I am really bad with just whipping out a card without specific card stamping ideas.  I would make most of my cards when demonstrators who would hold classes.  That way, there were plenty of different cards to make and all of the stamps and embellishments were provided.

Through the Mothers of Preschoolers (MOPS) program I have been a part of for the past few years I met a woman who is a demonstrator for Stampin’ Up.  There are several MOPS meetings she demonstrates at each year, which is always fun.  She also offers card making get togethers out of her home several times a month.  I was finally able to take advantage of one of her get togethers this past Friday.

card stamping ideas

Christmas Card Stamping Ideas

I had such a great time making cards when I was over there and loved all of her birthday and Christmas card stamping ideas. She had many, many containers set up at each table and around the room, each having a completed card and then all of the materials to make that card.  I wanted to build up my stock of birthday cards, but I also wanted to start making Christmas cards.  Since Megan was born I have been doing the Christmas cards each year with pictures on them – the postcard type cards, but have really wanted to start making my own again.  My goal is to handmake all of my Christmas cards this year, and insert a photo of the kids.

My plan is to make it a priority to attend at least 2 of the get togethers each month so I can complete all my Christmas cards plus throw in other types of cards too, such as thank you, thinking of you, and more birthday cards.

What do you do for holiday cards?  Do you make yours, do the photo cards or send out traditional cards?


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