Cardio Dance Workout is Great for Body, Mind, and Soul

A cardio dance workout is my favorite form of exercise. I enjoy exercise, but I get bored way too easily riding a stationary bike or walking / running on treadmill. I have found that dancing is a great and fun way to get in my cardiovascular exercise. People of any age can use dance as a form of exercise. Most instructors will show easier alternate easier moves for those who need it.

Cardio Dance Workout

Below are some of the healthy benefits to incorporating dance into your regular workout routine.

Dance Benefits

Dancing, much like walking is a weight-bearing exercise. It helps build bone density and strengthen muscles. Since I do have problems with my bone density, this is a very big plus for me! Here are some more specific benefits for you to consider:

1. Cardiovascular health

Keeping your heart rate elevated for an extended amount of time gives your heart a great workout. Most types of dance workouts at gyms will be 45 minutes – 60 minutes, which is excellent for cardiovascular health.

2. Total body workout

This is dependent on the type of dance you incorporate into your workout routine. Since dancing uses your whole body, you may discover some muscles you never knew existed!

3. Mental benefits

Did you know that studies have been done that show dancing increases your mental acuity? Adults who dance at least two times a week for 6 months were shown to demonstrate improved memory and cognitive function. Another interesting find from this study is that taking dance classes regularly may help prevent dementia. It is believed that dementia is less likely to develop due to the fact that dancing requires you to remember moves and learn new ones as well.

Dancing is euphoric. It boosts confidence and lifts your mood.

4. Social benefits

Since dancing is typically done in a class, it is an excellent opportunity to make new friends. Making friends within the dance class also keeps you motivated to continue dance class.

5. Immune system boost

Exercise helps to boost the immune system. The way it does this is by increasing the antibodies, which then raises your body temperature. With your body temperature being raised, it aids in killing bacteria.

Types of Dancing

There are several different styles of dance, you just have to know which one fits your style. Most dance classes and dance-based exercise routines are based off a particular style of dance.

Here are some of the more popular kinds of dance-based exercise.

1. Jazzercise incorporates cardio and toning. It is a combination of resistance training, Pilates, jazz dance, yoga, Latin-style movements, and kickboxing set to popular music.

2. Zumba is also a cardio workout that you can do in a class or at home (or both). It incorporates salsa, samba, hip-hop, mambo, soca, and martial arts. It also includes squats and lunges.

3. Hip Hop is another great cardio dance workout that refers to a street dance. It includes a wide range of styles, including popping, breaking, and locking.

4. Belly dancing is an ancient form of dance that is not just for the young. It’s also a cardio workout that promotes flexibility and coordination. This style of dance strengthens core muscles and tones targeted areas of the body.

5. Salsa dancing does require a partner. This is a great way for a couple to exercise together for fun and for the health benefits.

Dancing is a great way to have fun and get healthy. It is so widely available now as a form of exercise though gyms, classes, TV, and DVD.

Do you do any type of cardio dance workout? If so, what is your favorite style?

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  1. Hi, wonderful post!! Cardio Dance exercise not only beneficial for dancers but also non dancers. Cardio dance exercise is best for fat burning. Thanks to share this useful post.

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