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I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting (#MC) for CaringBridge. I received a promotional item as a thank you for participating.

For a large portion of my childhood, I grew up in my grandparent’s house with my mom. My sister lived there as well, but for only about 5 years before she moved to Colorado with her job. Growing up in a house with your grandparents really gives you a different perspective of seeing your grandparent’s age and all that it entails.

As I got older, I went off to college, and eventually got a place of my own. At this point though my mom felt she needed to stay to start taking care of her aging parents. The most challenging years for my mom caring for my grandparents was probably a good six years. My grandmother had dementia, which kept getting worse and worse. In fact, after my mom retired she had gotten a part-time job at the zoo…a place she had always wanted to work. However, not too long after getting that job she ended up quitting because of my grandmother’s dementia and some of the dangers that could come with that. It would not be uncommon for my grandmother to forget she left the burner lit on the stove.

Towards the very end of my grandparent’s lives, it was a very emotional and physical strain. My grandfather had become bedridden so it was my mom who would turn him, change the pads underneath him, and clean him when he soiled himself. It was a situation that you as a parent would probably not want one of your children to have to endure.

CaringBridge and Hallmark Cards Contest

I do not want to say what my mom did was a thankless job, because it was not. However, I think unless you see all the work that it involves then you are a little in the dark. Not only is there the emotional heartache of seeing your loved one deteriorate in health, but there is a huge physical demand too.

Now through November 17th, CaringBridge, the nonprofit caring social network, and Hallmark Cards are kicking off the “Caring Messages” card contest during National Family Caregiver Month. This is to celebrate and support caregivers, the strong personal heroes who tirelessly help families get through one day at a time when experiencing a hardship.

The “Caring Messages” card contest encourages participants to draw on personal experiences as a caregiver or as someone receiving care and create a message of love and support appropriate for a caregiver. Participants can submit one card idea in each of the following categories to

Support and Encouragement: What can you say to lift someone up or help them get through the day? Let them know you’re thinking of them, send happy thoughts and cheer them on.

Compliments and Appreciation: Let someone know how much you admire them: What they do and how they do it.

Words from the Wise: If you’ve experienced something yourself you understand what it’s really like. Write a supportive message for others based on what you’ve learned or what you needed to hear.

This partnership aims to provide patients, caregivers and supporters with love, hope and compassion. Winners announced in February will receive a cash prize, and their entry will be sold at with in-store sale to be determined.

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  1. Great post! I think that we do what we feel we have to do, and then other family members should be there to support the main caregiver or the person closest to the person. What a great idea…sometimes it’s the little things that mean the most in times like this.

  2. I love that Hallmark is producing amazing cards for caregivers. These would have been perfect while my Mom was out of state taking care of my Grandfather. She got so tired and a card would have perked her up.
    Tammilee Tillison recently posted..Warm Chocolate Bread Pudding with Turtle ToppingMy Profile

  3. There is so much that gets sacrified when one becomes a caregiver. I saw my parents do it when both of my grandparents got Alzheimers. And now my Mom has Alzheimers and we are all becoming caregivers for her. I love that Hallmark is supporting the caregivers and understanding the sacrifices that comes with it.
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  4. This is a wonderful campaign and it is nice to see these companies partnering to raise awareness. Caregivers need a LOT of thanks for the work that they do!
    diane recently posted..Lemon and Rosemary Olive Oil Cake #STAROliveOilMy Profile

  5. We’ve used caring bridge a few times and I LOVE that their pairing up with Hallmark. Definitely a great relationship.
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