Cat Adventure Time Challenge With Purina Pro Plan

Did you know June 15th is National “Take Your Cat on an Adventure Day“? Yup, it is! It was declared by Purina “Pro Plan” who has partnered with Adventure Cats to help you plan adventures for your cat so they can stay healthy. However, creating cat adventure time, for some, may be somewhat of a challenge.

Adventure time

Our cats name is “Maew”, which sounds like the sound cats make. However, when we first got her, some co-workers recommended this name which is also “cat” in Vietnamese. Since she’s a siamese, we thought it was very appropriate. Although, all these years later, I think we actually spelled it wrong. 🙂 It really should be spelled “mèo”.

cat adventure time

Cat Adventure Time

Maew has had a somewhat adventurous life, I suppose, for a cat? Maew is 18 years old and has now been with us for 15 years. My husband and I used to go to a local pet store all the time. Maew came to be their “shop” cat since the owner’s sister had many strays and the owner was trying to find homes for them. The problem was that her personality did not make her a good fit for that type of environment.

Then the one time I was picking up a few things at pet shop, the owner asked if I would want Maew as a pet. We already had one cat, but my husband loved siamese. I called my husband to check with him and he agreed she could come live with us.

In the years we’ve had Maew, she’s been through 3 dogs, 2 cats, 1 move, and the addition of 3 kids. She is still not a social cat, which has always been unfortunate for our kids, but her favorite thing to do is rub against your legs or feet. She does not like to be pet or picked up, but she could rub on you all day long! Her second favorite thing is meal-time. Her two meal-times a day are when her Siamese chatter really comes alive. The constant meowing for her food really does sound like the cry of a baby. She knows how to get what she wants, when she wants it!

cat adventure time

From these picture, it appears Maew’s favorite thing to do is sleep … with everyone! Actually, at night when we are sleeping is when I can hear her running around the house with her little ball in her mouth chatting away.

cat adventure time

Maew was diagnosed with urinary crystals several years ago. Prior to her diagnosis, she was overweight … rather round. She has been on a strict diet now for years, and is probably more healthy now at 18 than when she was much younger. She is fed twice daily without being left to graze on food throughout the day. She is down to a very healthy 8 pounds, which she has maintained for years.

cat adventure time

Due to Maew’s special dietary needs, it is an important decision for us to choose the right food for her. The nutrition found in Purina Pro Plan Cat is backed by a team of over 400 scientists; including nutritionists, behaviorists, and veterinarians. They have several formula’s of cat food as well that meet cat’s specific needs.

cat adventure time

Maew is 18 years old, but is still in great shape. We plan on having her around for a long time yet. Feeding her nutritious cat food is one great way to enable her a long healthy life filled with many adventures. To find out which formula is best for your cat, take the Purina MyPlan Quiz. When your quiz is complete, you will receive a $5 off coupon.

cat adventure time

Learn about National “Take Your Cat on an Adventure Day“, it’s coming up on June 15th!!


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  1. Awe! Maew is adorable! We agree on healthy food helping them live longer. We also use the Pro Plan Urinary Tract formula food and Daisy loves it! Thank you for giving this girl such a wonderful long life!

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