Yearly Traffic Report for A Mom Having Fun

Considering I started out this year with my website not even being active, I am very happy with how the year progressed once I started treating my blog as a business and not a hobby. Top 10 Referring Sites According to Google Analytics 1. 32,280 2. 4,938 3. 4,895 4 3,602 […]

The Biannual Blogathon Wrap-Up

I am so glad I participated in this biannual Blogathon Bash!  I have (had) so much to get done and this was the perfect incentive for me to do it.  So here were my goals as of Friday: Make a list of all posts that are due. Finish at least 4 of the reviews that […]

Biannual Blogathon Bash #blogathon2

Having just found out about this event for the weekend, I decided to join.  Basically the Blogathon is a challenge for you to blog your little hearts out!  I am very behind on things here at A Mom Having Fun so I thought this was the perfect opportunity for me to get somewhat caught up […]

Another Way to Monetize Your Site

So to add on to the list I had started yesterday, there is also INTENTclick.  This is an addition to the post I did on The Blogging and Social Media Connection. INTENTclick allows you to earn money from relevant In-Text ads on your website or blog.  There is quite a bit of customization you can do, including […]

The Blogging and Social Media Connection

It seems like every day I have been learning of a new site to connect to, whether it is a new social media connection, a new site to join for monetizing your site, a site that will rate your influence in the world of social media, or a site to join to boost traffic to […]

Blogging Video Tutorials

I am forever trying to educate myself on ways to improve how I blog. Whether it’s plugins that should, should not be used, SEO, keywords, or better ways to monetize my site.  Blogelina has an incredible training program – a variety of different topics and very cost effective. For instance, her Search Engine Optimization (SEO) […]

Monetize Your Blog Course

About a year ago I took a 4 week course given by Blogelina.  This course cost $5 – I got: unlimited access to her 4 week on-line course – where I could ask questions and get personalized feedback received a 60 page class manual packed full of information that helped make starting my own blog way […]

Taxes Are Done!

So excited to get that monkey off my back!  TurboTax is so super easy, whether you are doing just the basic of taxes or the more complicated business taxes.  I am self-employed, and I love how TurboTax walks me right through. We are getting decent money back (lots of write-offs working from home) but unfortunately […]

A New Design is on its Way!

I am sooo tired of looking at this site.  I think it is such a horrible mess.  lol  I design websites…I should not have a website that I can’t stand!  I was very anxious to get this site moved over to WordPress from Blogger that I kind of just threw it over here.  I had […]

Vistaprint, For All Your Needs

I really like Vistaprint, not only do they have anything you would need for a business but they are also wonderful to work with.  Recently a customer of mine who I am designing a website for had hired someone to do logo for her restaurant.  She was provided the logo, but was not given one […]