Weekend Wrap-Up

First, I want to say I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday!  🙂  We had a great weekend, jammed packed with lots of fun family time. Our Christmas started out on a not so good note on Thursday when my sister slipped on ice and broke her arm.  When my mom called to tell me […]

Late Night Shopping

I did it…I went out at 10 pm to go Christmas shopping.  🙂  I am really tired right now, but really glad it got it taken care of.  At least now that is one store crossed off my list, as well as some gifts that have been taken care of.  I think tomorrow I will […]

Weekend Roundup

I can’t believe another weekend has gone by – this year is coming to a quick close.  Pretty soon we will be bringing in the New Year.  Actually I will wake up the morning of and think hmmm, 2011.  🙂  Don’t you wish time could just stand still for just a little bit?  My In-Laws […]

Finally Finished Decorating

It has been a really crazy past couple of weeks.  Ever since my husband broke his big toe things have been very hectic and just a little insane.  Since he can’t drive or really do much of anything I’ve now added to my “to do” list all the running around and even the little household […]

Weekend Round Up

What a crazy, fast, wonderful, bummer of a weekend…all rolled up into one. Friday started with my husband working 24 hours at the Fire Department, which is not unusual – but Anna has been fighting naps all week and was once again dreadfully overtired but refused to nap. I describe Friday morning and afternoon as […]

Busy, Busy, Busy

Wow, I can’t believe how tired I am! It seems we have been moving non-stop since Monday. We’ve had all 3 kids home the whole week too, so that’s been super busy. Megan’s school schedule parent/teacher conferences on the Monday and Tuesday before Thanksgiving each year so she’s home the whole week. Anna and Ethan […]

Happy Thanksgiving – Blog Hops

Below are a few blog hops I am in today, but also wanted to take a minute to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. Sometimes through all the stress and the trials of everyday life it can be so difficult to just sit back and be grateful what you do have…so today, of all days, I […]

Only Six Weeks Until Christmas!!

I can not believe Christmas is right around the corner already. I swear it feels like we just got out of the Christmas season. This year seemed like it flew by way too fast. We live in Illinois, the Windy City, it was in the 60’s & 70’s last week…right now it’s 38 degrees, brrr. […]

Halloween – Wow, Candy Galore

I would say we had a very successful Halloween!  This is really the first Halloween that Anna and Ethan really went trick or treating.  Megan was a maniac running from house to house with all the neighbors (she is dressed as the witch), Ethan (Thomas) pooped out when he found out we were going to continue […]