Coming to Terms with my Husbands Purchase

My husband is in a Fantasy Football League every year. He usually does fairly well, but this year he and his partner came in first. Which is great since they won a good sum of money to split between the two of them. So I was pretty excited until he announced that he was purchasing […]

A Very Loved Care Bear Costume

Yesterday, Friday, Megan decided to pull out costumes with Anna and Ethan and play dress-up.  One of the costumes she pulled out is a Care Bear costume that Anna wore for Halloween last year.  I’m pretty sure Anna forgot about it’s existence because she was so excited and enthralled with this costume that it was miserable trying to get […]

Migraine, Thunder, and Fish Oh My!

This weekend was a busy one – spent with family and some thunder! Last night we went to my sister’s for our usual Saturday night pizza.  As always, had a fabulous time!  I absolutely adore how close my sister and I have grown as adults and how close how our children are.  Since my sister […]

Easter Happenings

Easter is tomorrow!  Yay!!!  The kids are sooo excited.  My oldest has such a hard time sleeping the night of any event.  She came downstairs shortly after going to bed claiming to be excited to sleep.  She asked if she could fall asleep in our bed and then we can move her to her bed […]

Not a Fun Day

Today did not turn out the way we had planned.  🙁  My sister and I have been planning for months to go see The Hunger Games.  We both read the books and have been very excited about the movie.  Since the kids are on Spring Break, as well as my sister (teacher) we had made […]

Some Family Time

I LOVE Saturday nights – it is our designated “pizza” night at my sister and brother-in-laws.  Of course, not just any pizza…my brother-in-law makes it from scratch.  He has been making pizza for a few years now so he has really perfected the art of making the dough!  It’s a recipe from Cook’s Illustrated.  Which, […]

Raising A Strong Willed Child

Yes, I have one of them.  Actually she is the extreme end of strong-willed, and to be honest my husband and I are desperate to find a better way of teaching her when she needs to obey.  I think being strong-willed will definitely be very useful for her, once she knows how to use it […]

Snow Fun!

We have had a VERY dry and mild winter this year, not that I’m complaining. Usually here in Illinois our winters are very cold with below zero wind chills – so the cold just cuts through you. Also, we usually have quite a bit of snow. The snow I don’t mind so much! However, we have […]

It’s Friday!!!!

So I know I’m home all week long, but I still look forward to Friday!  LOL  It seems silly since technically every day is a Friday for me.  But Friday is the end of the school week for my children and the weekends are the times that we make our plans to do our fun […]

Sleep Deprivation

I am a night person, I always have been.  But now, with children I have to be a morning person as well.  So my problem is I stay up way too late and then have to get up early.  It really is a vicious cycle that I seem unable to break. Once the kids are […]