Simple Healthy Meal Plan

Simple Healthy Meal Plan Now that I am starting to earn an income, I really want to get back to better meals for our children by stating with a simple healthy meal plan.  I do not know that I can go as far as to shop entirely organic again but I am definitely going to […]

Teaching Our Children About Financial Responsibility

Since teaching our children about financial responsibility has been a priority of ours, we recently instituted weekly allowances in our household. Also, knowing how to teach kids about money can be rather tricky. I wanted their allowance to not only teach them something about money, but also learn a little work ethic.  I integrated their […]

Tax Season is Here

Has anyone started there taxes yet? It’s such an ominous task, isn’t it? I do our taxes every year – I love Turbo Tax!  With having a home based business, the last few years we have received a huge tax returns.  The problem is that we don’t have our property tax taken out in escrow.  […]