I Am Not Crazy, I’m Just Going Through Menopause

You know those “a-ha” moments that all of a sudden pulls everything together? I recently experienced that moment a couple of weeks ago with my Endocrinologist. I have been going through some pretty crazy things mentally over the past several months, and honestly, I was getting to the point that I really did start thinking there […]

How Do You Get Inspired To Write When You Cannot Find The Inspiration?

How do you get inspired to write when you just cannot find the inspiration? That, my friends, is a good question! This is where I’m at right now. I have a lot of things running through my head that I would “like” to write about, the problem is…I’m not feeling motivated to write about those […]

Healthy Living Tips During Winter Months

How about some healthy living tips to help finish off this winter without any more illness? This winter season has been especially difficult for people trying to avoid the flu and colds. Those who are normally not prone to illness are even catching this very aggressive flu virus. Winter activities are something that many people want […]

Get Relief From Extremely Dry Skin Starting This Winter

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Holmes Products for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine. Living in the Midwest during the cold winter months affects us in many ways, other than just being cold! I suffer from extremely dry skin once the cold weather hits, causing my hands to crack […]

Curb Late Night Snacking For Your Health

Self – Discovery: I have no self-control when it comes to late night snacking! Of course, it does depend on the snack. My latest crave -the new Gluten-Free Chex Mix Cereal in Chocolate. My ability to curb late night snacking has gone out the window. I am really sad to say that I would have […]

Bladder Leakage Protection For Oopies #DropYourPants #Underawareness

This is not a topic that most people like to openly discuss, but it is one that we all face at one point or another. I am referring to the little leaks that sneak out when you laugh too hard, cough at the wrong time, or when you have to sneeze. You know those times when […]

Summer Shape Up Challenge Balance Bar Giveaway #BalanceShapeUp

Disclosure: I received a Walmart gift card as part of a sponsored collaboration for the Summer Shape Up Challenge with Balance Bar. I used to have this unrealistic belief that I could actually fit in my workout routine during the summer just as well as I could during the school year. Last year I finally realized […]

Back to School Immunizations Painless at MinuteClinic #GoBackHealthy

Do you believe we are almost into August already? This summer is flying by way too fast. Once we move into August, it’s time to start thinking back-to-school again. Going back to school not only involves new clothes and supplies, but also a doctor’s visit and vaccinations and boosters. Back to School Immunizations I am […]

Dental Health Affects Overall Health #AskDrStork

Do you think dental health affects overall health? Well, actually…yes it does. Recently I had the pleasure of being able to sit down and have a chat with Dr. Travis Stork. Dr. Stork is an Emergency Physician, who also happens to host the Emmy award winning talk show, The Doctors. He has now partnered with Crest Pro-Health […]

Over The Counter Medication Dosages and Warnings #GutCheckAGA

I wrote this blog post while participating in a campaign by BOOMboxNetwork.com on behalf the American Gastroenterological Association (AGA) and received payment for my participation. All opinions stated within are my own. For years now I have been getting what I had thought were migraines. I have suffered from migraines my entire life. I cannot begin to tell […]