Our Top 10 Ways to Keep the Boredom Away

National Anti-Boredom Month I realize I am very late on this, in fact, I don’t think I could get too much later!  Does that even make sense?  I just found out that it is National Anti-Boredom Month and National Hot Dog Month.  Dang, I could have had fun with both of those.  But in celebration of […]

Fun Craft Ideas Using Beads

Now that my oldest is 8, more like 9 since she will be turning that in a couple weeks, she tends to get a lot more gifts that are DIY.  Such as making garden stones, watches and jewelry with beads.  There are actually a lot of great craft ideas using beads I have come across […]

A Very Loved Care Bear Costume

Yesterday, Friday, Megan decided to pull out costumes with Anna and Ethan and play dress-up.  One of the costumes she pulled out is a Care Bear costume that Anna wore for Halloween last year.  I’m pretty sure Anna forgot about it’s existence because she was so excited and enthralled with this costume that it was miserable trying to get […]

What Do You Want to be When You Grow Up?

Yesterday our 4 year old twins had a preschool field trip to a local fire department.  The fire department did a really great job at teaching the children about fire safety and added a lot of humor to the whole experience which kept the children really engaged. My husband is a part-time fire department, so […]

Dominoqq, Hobi yg Menguntungkan

Dominoqq, Hobi yg Menguntungkan! – Dalam hidup ini apa sih yg paling menyenangkan tidak cuma kedatangan rekan & diwaktu luang yg sanggup dipakai buat mengembangkan hobi. Hobi yg paling asyik & tak dapat ditinggalkan ialah hobi yg telah tentu mengambil keuntungan baik dengan cara materiil ataupun non materiil. sama seperti satu buah hobi, main-main dominoqq […]