Wordless Wednesday, November 7

Funnies On Pinterest

Funnies On Pinterest           What is your favorite photo?

Random Funny Internet Pictures

Here are some random funny pictures I found floating around the Internet!  🙂  I hope you enjoy them.  

Monday, Errr Tuesday Funnies

Yesterday really got away from me!  Have I ever mentioned there are just not enough hours in the day before?  lol  I have been so behind on things lately that I have found myself up until 2 – 2:30 am.  Not a really healthy sleep habit since I have to be back up by 6:30 […]

Monday Funnies ~ Week 2 September 2012

Enjoy your Monday!

Monday Funnies – First Week of September

Although it is a holiday for most so it is not your typical Monday, everyone can still use a little humor.  Below are some jokes I have come across on line to share with you!  Enjoy.  🙂

Monday Funnies ~ Last Week of August 2012

I have always loved the Headlines portion of the Jay Leno show.  I try not to stay up that late any more so I visited their website to check them out. Here are some of the ones I found to be pretty funny!

Monday Funnies August Week 3

It is Monday again, time for a little pick me up!  Here are some more photos I found.

Monday Funnies

Need a Monday pick-me-up?  Below are some Monday photo’s I found to share with you!  

Some Monday Humor

In is Monday already!  I don’t know about you, but a little bit of humor can always help make Monday’s a bit more appealing!  Here is some Monday humor to brighten your day! So this one below really has nothing to do with Monday’s, but I did find it very funny!